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brainstorming is one of the go-to methods for generating ideas and creating a collaborative environment. besides simply generating new and unique ideas, brainstorming meetings bring people together where they can all contribute to the creative process. there are different brainstorming techniques, but when done well, those meetings can produce better and more diverse ideas than any one person could develop in the same amount of time. brainstorming can also unfairly favor extroverts, who tend to be more comfortable speaking up in group settings and feed off the energy of the group.

just like there can be too many cooks in the kitchen, there can be too many people in a brainstorming session. the best ideas come when the group understands exactly what problem they are trying to solve. for example, the solution might have to fit within a certain budget. to avoid groupthink and ensure each person has a chance to contribute equally, invite the group to prepare for the brainstorming meeting individually. lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future—faster.

when you come across a challenge that requires alternative points of view, you may decide to run a brainstorming session. you have to be extra careful, and you can’t forget about any of the best practices. for instance, “decide what my company should do during the pandemic” is a general goal of a brainstorming session. to continue the example from before, the conversation will help you establish what industries you’re addressing with your communication and what kind of a person is on the receiving end of your messages. or do they just need to be informed of the results?

sure, they may come to the session with ideas up their sleeves, and that’s great. that’s why during a brainstorming session you have to separate ideation from judging the ideas. it’s a way to show respect and to show that your energy is focused on the task at hand, not on a million other things. you create the environment and invite others to it. you need the energy of the group, and you can accidentally get rid of it during a digital session. what it all boils down to is getting people out of the confines of their rhythm and making them think out of the box.

6 items to add to your brainstorming meeting agenda 1. objectives 2. ground rules & housekeeping 3. activity 4. round robin 5. idea voting 6. next steps. foster an environment of collaboration and innovation with this brainstorming session meeting agenda. here are 5 steps for great brainstorming meetings. generate fresh ideas, and come up with new and emerging thoughts using a brainstorming meeting agenda template. document all your bright ideas so nothing, brainstorming agenda example, brainstorming agenda example, brainstorming meeting invite, brainstorming session invitation email, brainstorming meeting ideas.

online template to run a brainstorm meeting with sticky notes or virtual tools agenda. 1. check-in ( 5 mins ). an opening check-in is a great way to get 7 brainstorming meeting tips. keep it short. keep it small. clarify the problem to solve. set a clear agenda. have the group prepare individually. a brainstorming session is going to be the most productive if it starts with a clear goal. before the meeting even begins, state the project’s audience and, brainstorming session example, brainstorm meeting synonym.

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