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an all-hands meeting is usually the biggest, longest, least frequent, most important meeting your company has. an all-hands meeting is a staff meeting where the whole department or the entire company meets at one time. an all-hands meeting agenda can include updates on company news, changes that affect everyone (recent changes to benefits, new policies about current projects), or it can be structured like a training session with breakout groups. the meeting demonstrates to employees that the company cares about them and their input, keeps them informed on what’s going on in the business, and reminds everyone who is responsible for certain tasks. an all-hands meeting is an excellent tool for managers to let their employees know what’s going on at the company, what the state of things are, and provide insight into any changes that are coming. make sure you have an idea of the time commitment that you’re committing to in your head when choosing when in the day to hold your meeting. you want it to be early in the morning because people will have more energy, in the afternoon when schedules are less busy, or later when there’s typically less commotion.

some managers like to mix things up by having employees do activities during the meeting (assignments, trivia games, etc.) don’t just focus on managers who are responsible for running the meeting, encourage general participation from everyone in the company. an all-hands meeting is a chance to get employees from different departments to understand what each other are working on and see everything in the context of the big picture. for example, sharing one or two customer stories during an all-hands meeting is a great way to help non-customer-facing roles understand the customers better. other benefits of holding all-hands meetings are that people feel more engaged with the company and feel like they’re heard. a manager’s all-hands meeting is a great way to communicate with everyone in the company regardless of what department they’re in. it’s also a good way to provide people with information that they might not know about each other and encourage open dialogue between workers throughout the business. plus, grab 3 free agenda templates for team meetings.

a tested all-hands meeting agenda template to help you engage your team, strengthen the morale and make sure everyone is on the same page. an all-hands meeting – sometimes called a town hall – is a regular, company-wide gathering where all employees, leaders, and stakeholders meet an all-hands meeting (also known as a town hall) is an event that brings together every employee in your company. done right, all-hands can be a great tool to, all hands events, all hands events, all hands meeting, all hands meeting questions, employee town hall meeting agenda sample.

an all-hands meeting, or town hall meeting, is a recurring virtual or in-person gathering that, as the name implies, involves all members of an organization especially if the communication is remote, a virtual all-hands meeting agenda is crucial to keeping the meeting on topic. an agenda helps keep the meeting on 3. make an agenda all hands meetings follow careful structures. executives are busy and do not have infinite time to spend in meetings. when, creative names for all-hands meetings, netflix all-hands meeting.

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