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in recognition of the important role esg plays in driving long-term value creation, more and more boards are focused on and are disclosing how their governance structure is evolving to consider esg more intentionally. amid this shift in board governance, investors continue to increase expectations on climate and esg matters, as noted by the number and breadth of shareholder proposals on related issues in the 2021 proxy season. while the role of the audit committee is vast, this publication focuses on two areas of oversight that may be critical for audit committees in the upcoming year: financial reporting and internal controls, and risk.

the ”g” in esg and the important role the board of directors and each board committee plays in overseeing the company’s transparency around sustainability initiatives continues to be a primary focus in the esg conversation. on a personal level, it may feel like each day blends into the next, and many of us find ourselves waiting for the current conditions to pass so things can get back to normal. in the united states, deloitte refers to one or more of the us member firms of dttl, their related entities that operate using the “deloitte” name in the united states and their respective affiliates.

most simply, minutes are a record of the action and deliberations of a board or committee. in addition, minutes may reflect the extent to which a board or committee exercised diligent oversight. keeping a clear record (in the minutes or otherwise) of the documents delivered, as well as the timing of delivery, can be instrumental in showing that the directors were fully informed. routinely providing minutes of audit, compensation and governance committees to all directors is a best practice, allowing the full board to understand and evaluate the activity, deliberations and performance of these critical committees.

carefully review and edit the minutes to eradicate stupid mistakes (such as indicating the presence of an absent director or vice versa) that call the entire record into question. as a result, minutes must be drafted to distinguish between discussions about possible actions and the approval of the action itself. rather, the minutes should indicate that the board or committee participated in a privileged discussion with counsel, with only the most general reference to the subject matter of the discussion. it is essential that the function be overseen and guided by someone with the experience, education and position to appreciate best practices and the extent to which excellence in corporate minutes can foster excellence in corporate governance.

the audit committee’s prior meetings agendas and approved meeting minutes for the current and past fiscal years are posted on this page. internal audit will our quarterly audit committee special edition offers potential topics for inclusion in your upcoming audit committee meeting. each quarter we provide highlights a series of periodic audit committee-focused publications that examines topics impacting the audit committee’s responsibilities and priorities., deloitte audit committee, deloitte audit committee, audit committee agenda 2021.

meeting minutes meeting minutes reports to the unitarian universalist association board of trustees section menu audit committee related content these rules affect the content of the minutes of audit committees. in particular, audit committee minutes should demonstrate that the audit committee addressed meeting minutes and packets – audit committee minutes (w/ attachments a, b, c & d) – audit committee agenda june 15th,, .

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