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bookkeeping client checklist template is a bookkeeping client checklist sample that gives infomration on bookkeeping client checklist design and format. when designing bookkeeping client checklist example, it is important to consider bookkeeping client checklist template style, design, color and theme. that’s when they get to see you “walk the walk” from your initial sales pitch. when you’re ready to onboard new clients, ensuring they get a proper checklist of the documents you need from them is critical. this article offers a thorough onboarding checklist to keep you ahead of the game and get you everything you need to begin working with your client. you and your employees want to accurately gauge the current condition of the accounting records, even though you may already have a sense of the situation through your previous discussions with the client.

bookkeeping client checklist overview

this way, you can get a better picture of how previous accounting systems handled inventory and how your accounting firm should now go about it. you need to understand the overall accounting health of the company. you could also schedule meetings with your client to provide reports on the accounting process. now that you have the list of documents and other requirements needed for client onboarding, let’s look at ways to manage this checklist effectively as your firm grows and consistently welcomes new clients. another way to keep a live documentation record and update your checklist is with platforms like dropbox, which allows you to share files easily.

for example, when you are doing onboarding for a tax planning client, the checklist is going to look very different from a cfo services client. so, a comprehensive accounting client onboarding checklist is not feasible. it helps you and the client determine first steps and what information is needed for the engagement. it gives you a process that you can always follow to be consistent, and it helps you onboard clients more efficiently. hopefully most of these questions have been clearly answered before onboarding an accounting client, but questions you must cover if you haven’t yet: remember, onboarding for an accounting client will look different than a tax planning client, much less a checklist for a cfo client. each additional day that clients sit in the onboarding phase waiting to give you the right documents is time wasted.

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bookkeeping client checklist guide

as you begin the onboarding process, incentivise the client to get you everything you need so you can begin the engagement. the point is, you want to be clear that there is a time sensitive nature to getting the docs you need. for this reason, many accountants are now using accounting practice software such as corvee client collaboration to implement a smoother onboarding process and get more accounting clients. it is by no means comprehensive, and it should only be used as a template to build from: we highly recommend you implement accounting practice software into your firm so that every time you onboard a new client, you’ll have an easy client collaboration portal to send and receive files, collect payments and have the opportunity to begin to offer tax planning services. because past performance is not a predictor of future success, you may have more or less success depending on many factors, including your background, experience, work ethic, client base, and market forces. please know our understanding of it is constantly changing, and you cannot and should not rely upon us for legal, financial, or accounting advice.

for clients, an onboarding process provides a clear understanding of what is expected of them and a sense of what resources and support are available to them as they begin working with the bookkeeper. this part of the process comes before the main onboarding process; it’s an opportunity to be clear about your services and get the contract signed. depending on your practice, you can assign an internal team to the client, such as an onboarding specialist and bookkeeper. this will save having to go to them each time you need to access a tool on their behalf or need new information. this will help you see what you still need access to and reduce work for the client later.

➡️ see the bonus section of our onboarding guide for a list of standard questions to ask in your first onboarding meeting and the types of apps you might need access to. if your client also works with an accountant and there’s a likelihood that you’ll be working together to prepare tax returns or other documents, take the time to send an email or message introducing yourself and your practice. if you use a messaging tool such as slack or teams and your client has yet to join, it is a good time to set them up and show them the basics. finally, recap the meeting, mention any upcoming work and tasks that need to be completed, and make a note for your team. make sure you have a handover meeting between yourself and the bookkeeper to discuss details and anything unique to this project. ➡️ see the bonus section of our onboarding guide for a list of questions to include in a client survey that will get you useful, actionable feedback.