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building maintenance checklist template is a building maintenance checklist sample that gives infomration on building maintenance checklist design and format. when designing building maintenance checklist example, it is important to consider building maintenance checklist template style, design, color and theme. not sure how to start creating a building maintenance checklist? a building maintenance checklist is an organized guide that a property manager uses to keep track of necessary maintenance on a property. many aspects of a property manager’s job can’t be neatly organized into a checklist like maintenance can, which is why it’s important you take the opportunity to do so. but there are a lot of other tasks to keep in mind when making your building maintenance checklist. at the top of your building maintenance checklist should be what you can do yourself as a property manager. these are the tasks that will only take you a few hours at most and won’t distract you from your other responsibilities.

building maintenance checklist overview

not everybody is a skilled maintenance professional. make sure to highlight the different contractors you’ll need in your maintenance checklist. you can use your building maintenance checklist to see what can be upgraded in your building. if you don’t have old records from your property’s previous maintenance to determine the cost, you can always use the internet. as you complete the checklist, you can include the actual cost versus your estimate. you can also leave notes in your maintenance checklist concerning whom you hired for which repairs. file it away with all of your other record-keeping so you can go back to it for the above information.

deferred maintenance is the death of any property management or real estate investment business. while building maintenance takes a lot of time and effort, a good building maintenance checklist is worth its weight in gold. today we are going to give you the only building maintenance checklist you’ll ever need, one that you can download, save as a template, and continue adding to as you build your portfolio. also called planned or routine maintenance, maintaining a building can help increase property value by taking care of the asset and tenants who are paying the rent. instead of reacting to repair requests, utilizing a building maintenance checklist enforces preventive building care with a pre-set inspection schedule based on factors including time of year, type of tenants, and manufacturer’s guidelines. the purpose of each inspection is to ensure that equipment is operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible.

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although the costs of building maintenance appear on the p&l (income statement) as an expense item, savvy real estate investors understand that having a good building maintenance program also helps to grow the bottom line. a good building maintenance checklist should include the following items to ensure that asset values are being maintained and the health and safety of the building occupants and general public aren’t put at risk. a good building maintenance checklist will act as a guide to increase property value, keep rental income and cash flow strong, and help ensure the health and safety of a building’s occupants and the general public. hemlane, inc. is a technology company that helps you manage your long-term rental properties. hemlane also provides access to independent licensed professionals and self-help services at your specific direction. any content found in the hemlane academy is not a substitute for advice and ideas from a qualified legal source or expert.