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building maintenance schedule template is a building maintenance schedule sample that gives infomration on building maintenance schedule design and format. when designing building maintenance schedule example, it is important to consider building maintenance schedule template style, design, color and theme. the last thing you want is for your building to require extensive repairs that could’ve been avoided with preventative maintenance. using preventative maintenance, you can lower your overall maintenance costs, improve the scheduling of preventative maintenance activities, and be more prepared for maintenance work with the right supplies, parts, and labor. to keep your lighting in good condition, make sure to: conducting safety inspections regularly is essential for any commercial building to ensure the welfare of your propertyand its occupants. inspect the fire alarms to check for fire hazards or anything that may be blocking the fire exits to the building. you also want to be sure there’s a fire extinguisher on every floor of the building and they’re regularly checked and recharged according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. it’s also important to look for latch or screw updates, missing screw replacements, and gasket repairs that need to be made.

building maintenance schedule format

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performing all of this maintenance regularly can extend the life of your equipment. you’ll also want to check your standpipes and the pump supplying them. if the company occupying the building handles food, get a general contractor to touch up the grout and caulk and inspect them every year before your inspection. keeping the building as clean as possible can help ensure minimal wear and tear. clean the walls regularly and repaint them as necessary to enhance the building’s overall appearance. exterior maintenance includes: preventative maintenance on commercial buildings is crucial if you want to avoid expensive repairs before they occur and keep your building in great shape throughout the years.