business meeting note taking

whether it’s a big brainstorming session, an interview with a client or meetings with your team, meeting notes help you remember more details about the meetings and the people in them — and ultimately, enable you to do your job better. you can prepare by building your outline around the core objective and preparing a list of questions. you have to revisit that information to get the most value out of it. one of the most important things to understand about note-taking is, if you want to improve your memory or understand new concepts, you need to put in some active effort.

the main benefit of the cornell method is that it allows you to structure your notes clearly from the beginning. choosing a note-taking method depends on what you hope to gain from the meeting and its context. we recommend recording the conversation in cases where you need to both be an active participant in the conversation and remember a lot of information. this gives you an opportunity to break down what was discussed and keep track of the details that matter to customers and colleagues. here’s our list of the technologies you need to thrive from the start.

good meeting notes help you remember the important details from a meeting and any action items that you or other team members need to complete before the next meeting. when you have a more formal meeting that needs to be recorded and documented, such as a public hearing or company meeting, meeting minutes are more appropriate. one way to ensure that everybody on the team can reference notes later on is to keep them in a designated space as a central source of truth. any important discussion that happens will be documented in your meeting notes so you or your team can refer back later.

slide method: if your meeting is a presentation, ask the presenter if they’re willing to share the slide deck with you ahead of time. regardless of who is taking notes, all of your meeting notes will follow a consistent structure and everyone on the team will know what information to expect. be sure to share both the recording and the transcript in a central location so that everyone on the team has access to it. the best way to keep your project and meeting notes organized is to create a centralized space where all due dates and action items live.

take notes before the meeting; don’t write down everything; focus on what comes next; organize toward action; use the right retention strategy the best and easiest note-taking technique is to hear what’s said and then write it down exactly as it was said. remember the research mindset: learn how to take thorough meeting notes using these tools: meeting note templates, best practices, and how-tos., meeting note taking template, meeting note taking template, meeting notes, meeting note-taking software, note taker in meetings.

tips for writing meeting notes stick to pen and paper use shorthand simplify your messages using codes record your meetings. taking notes in advance – the great part about having an agenda is that it means you can start taking notes even before the meeting. write your key discussion, best way to take meeting notes electronically, meeting notes vs minutes.

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