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camp list template is a camp list sample that gives infomration on camp list design and format. when designing camp list example, it is important to consider camp list template style, design, color and theme. for casual car campers—those who prefer to drive to a campsite rather than hiking or biking in—you’ll still need all of the essentials: a camping tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, food, and a way to cook it all. but you also have the space to bring a bit more than just the basics, like trash bags, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and other personal items. choosing a location is very important, as you want to know what kind of weather to prepare for, as well as the wildlife that also call the area home. you can also search for the campsite on instagram and scroll through tagged photos to better know what to expect. to set up your campsite, you’ll always need a shelter, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad, which can help you warm at night by keeping you off the ground.

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to keep everything organized, consider packing everything in a dedicated camping gear bin or box, like the foldable thule go box ($130. as a kid tagging along on my brother’s boy scout campouts, i learned that you should always, always, bring an extra set of clothes and shoes. sure, you could get creative with nothing but a roll of tinfoil and a campfire to cook your meals (hello, fire-baked potato). before you leave, its helpful to plan what meals you want to make while camping and draft a food shopping list. patagonia provisions makes things dried fruit, dehydrated bean soups, and even canned mussels that you can pack for a weekend of low-fuss food.