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check list template is a check list sample that gives infomration on check list design and format. when designing check list example, it is important to consider check list template style, design, color and theme. checklists are used both to ensure that safety-critical system preparations are carried out completely and in the correct order,[1] and in less critical applications to ensure that no step is left out of a procedure. the value of checklists is proportional to the complexity of the system and the consequences of a system failure. a checklist perceived as helping the operator to save time and reduce error is likely to be better accepted. the main factors in typography are legibility of text and readability in the conditions in which the document is expected to be used.

check list format

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readability is the quality of the word or text which allows rapid recognition of single words, word groups, abbreviations, and symbols. a checklist should not try to define or describe procedures which should be familiar to the checker, though critical steps may usefully be listed in order when order is important. version number and date may be required to ensure that the current authorised version is in use. aviation checklists generally consist of a system and an action divided by a dashed line, and lack a checkbox as they are often read aloud and are usually intended to be reused. checklists should not be used as a replacement for common sense or necessary skill.