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checklist goodnotes template is a checklist goodnotes sample that gives infomration on checklist goodnotes design and format. when designing checklist goodnotes example, it is important to consider checklist goodnotes template style, design, color and theme. i love planners, but i have struggled to find the perfect unicorn. i wish it didn’t have a coil binding because i have to use the coil clips or some other hack to add pages or other items. i can always design my own pages or buy printables from etsy, but i still have to invest time into cutting and trimming all the pages with a paper cutter to fit insde the cover. the discs make the planner a little bulky, and sometimes pages come detached more easily than i would like. i started thinking that maybe i could use a notetaking app as a planner also. i still like the organization, design, and feel of a paper planner. in this blog post, i will not explain all the bells and whistles of goodnotes but simply show how to import and use my to-do list template. i named my notebook “to-do list.” also, you can select the type and color of paper to use in your notebook. on this screen, you also can select the cover design you want to use.

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this will take you to a tiled thumbnail view of the contents of your notebook. i chose to delete the blank page because i only wanted to-do list pages in this notebook. i use dropbox, so i navigated to dropbox and to the folder where i saved the to-do list templates. the other list just has a line which maintains the galaxy background. select the tiny “v” symbol below the to-do list pages to open a drop-down menu. all you have to do is use the to-do list! i use this same method for an entire planner and include the to-do lists as a portion. the first version has a white bar title area so that you can clearly write and read the to-do list title. follow the directions above in this blog post for how i use this file as a paperless to-do list in goodnotes. finding the time and actual effort to produce a top notch article… but what can i say… i put things off a lot and never manage to get anything done.