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choice board template is a choice board sample that gives infomration on choice board design and format. when designing choice board example, it is important to consider choice board template style, design, color and theme. how do you make learning effective, engaging, and student driven when students aren’t physically in the classroom? as teachers and students transitioned to fully remote instruction, the english language arts (ela) team created choice boards that teachers could copy and adjust to meet the needs of their students. check out the north carolina department of public instruction’s ela choice boards here. here are some tips to get started with implementing choice boards—whether students are in person, learning remotely, or a mixture of both—as well as some lessons learned along the way. choice boards add a new dimension to your classroom, offering an alternative to standard assessments and empowering students to choose how they show their mastery of a topic. if you’ve ever had your eyes glaze over as you regarded the night’s looming stack of 120 freshmen essays to grade, this could be the refreshing twist you’re looking for.

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you can unpack the standard with your students and create a rubric with them (or we love this idea of success criteria), then brainstorm ideas for activities. allowing for student involvement in the creation of the choice boards increases their ownership and follow-through. choice boards can be used in place of a homework packet—giving students the autonomy to choose how they practice skills they learned during the school day. a family homework choice board can encourage education-centered family time at home, while simultaneously informing caregivers about topics and skills their child is learning at school. share the optional homework choice board—activities might include finding three examples of this week’s syllable type in books from their book bin, reading high-frequency words to a family member, or practicing the high-frequency words on an online app. whether these days are scheduled ahead of time in the school’s calendar or utilized as an alternative to closing the building for severe weather or recurring outbreaks of covid, schools can be proactively prepared by creating district or schoolwide choice boards that teachers can easily access. educators can switch out the text and activities at their discretion to update them.

every individual student represents a unique blend of strengths, interests, needs, experiences, and background knowledge, so it stands to reason that a one-size-fits-all approach to assessment is not ideal. giving students some choice in how they are assessed is beneficial in a number of ways. are we trying to create an assessment that only a percentage of our students can master or are we trying to get a true snapshot of each child’s understanding of the content that we taught? i would argue that our true task is to ensure that they are able to retain and apply the knowledge that has been learned. let’s explore some options that allow our students to do just that. choice boards are typically presented as a grid of various teacher-approved activities that students can use to demonstrate mastery of content. i have typically seen choice boards used in one of three ways: the teacher offers a choice board with a number of short tasks that either ask students to explore new material or apply previously-learned content.

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in this option, a choice board is given at the beginning of a unit and students are tasked with completing a number of relatively short activities by the due date. the teacher offers a number of larger project options that would take the place of a traditional end-of-unit test. the student is typically given a couple of weeks or more to select and work on the project on their own time. when students have some choice in how they will demonstrate their knowledge, they are likely to be more motivated. above all else, i want to endorse the idea that solid choice board options will demonstrate student mastery of content at least as well, if not better, than a multiple-choice quiz or test. with such a variety of activities, it might seem like you are comparing apples to oranges. the best way to ensure that you are accurately assessing your students’ mastery of content is to have a rubric.

making a video to show understanding of a math concept. try creating choice boards for students. a choice board is a menu of activity options that allows students to choose the way they practice a skill or show what they know. while choice boards can focus on a particular subject or lesson, they can also be more general. a general choice board might provide options that allow students to choose the subject (science, math, social studies) they’d like to study, or the skill (writing, drawing, reading) they’d like to practice. here are steps you can take to ensure the choice boards you create achieve the learning goals you have in mind for students. we provide completed boards as well as blank ones that can be tailored to your needs.

we’ve created a game board of learning options that you can use for remote learning, classroom centers, early finishers, and even homework assignments. download our brain breaks choice board, or create your own using the blank template. use our assessment choice board, or create your own using the blank template. better yet, have them brainstorm a list of projects to include in the choice board. you can create your own digital choice boards using microsoft word, powerpoint (see the customizable templates in the “project-based choice board” section above), or google slides. the benefits of going digital are that you can include interactive links and more easily display the choice boards for the whole class. or, if you’ve tried any of our choice boards for differentiated instruction with your class, let us know how they worked. explore how waggle personalizes practice in math and ela to help students in grades k–8 thrive.