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classroom checklist template is a classroom checklist sample that gives infomration on classroom checklist design and format. when designing classroom checklist example, it is important to consider classroom checklist template style, design, color and theme. do you, like many teachers, walk into your classroom after the summer break and immediately feel overwhelmed? some years the extra furniture crammed into my room over the summer barely left me enough room to squeeze by. over the years, i developed a pre-planning checklist to calm my nerves and keep me on track. since no two classrooms are exactly the same, i made it editable. while pre-planning is always busy, i did get more efficient with years of practice and tips from awesome teammates. prioritizing your tasks is an essential part of efficient classroom prep. seriously, just get the background and borders up. first, just get the background and borders up. first, sketch out the layouts you are considering. once you have a plan, go ahead and get things in place. first, move the big stuff. get help and know your limits. so, get those surfaces clean because while the custodians have probably cleaned your room during the summer, there will be dust.

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one crazy year furloughs cut preplanning to 2 days, and the second day was sneak-a-peek. that year i was moving classrooms and walked into an entirely empty room…no chairs…no desks…none of my boxes. that year there was no way i was going to have a perfect-looking room for sneak-a-peek. she explained that the rooms would not look as finished as they normally would before releasing the parents to go to the classrooms. i had put the background and border up on my bulletin boards. i’d set out the nameplates and put the labels up. however, the walls were mostly empty, and all my boxes were shoved in the closet, still unopened. that’s all i could do, and you know what, it was okay in the end. sometimes you have to give yourself grace and let your best be enough. kudos to teachers everywhere. i’m april, just like the month. my first job was teaching kids arts and crafts at summer camp. i absolutely love being creative, learning & exploring new topics, and inspiring kids to find that joy too.

high-quality classroom environments are a critical foundation for early childhood programs. the classroom environment checklist (cec) is a tool that early childhood professionals can use to evaluate and improve their classroom environments. the infant & toddler cec helps professionals document the presence and quality of toys, materials, books, and other important classroom features, as well as general classroom arrangement. download the pdf version of the cec for infant and toddler classrooms using the following link. the digital version of the infant & toddler classroom environment checklist is accessible from the quality improvement section of the dashboard.

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included in the digital cec are photographic examples of high-quality infant and toddler classrooms for each item included on the checklist. the pdf can be downloaded from the following link and a digital version of the tool is accessible from the dashboard for tsr online-eligible organizations. the kindergarten classroom environment checklist (kcec) is a 22-item observation tool that evaluates the presence and quality level of important areas, materials, and concepts in a kindergarten classroom. these photographs are examples of high-quality implementation of each item on the cec. after completing the classroom environment checklist in the classroom, teachers and administrators can view the following photographs as examples of high-quality implementation of each item on the cec. cli engage houses research-based early learning resources for educators and families of children from birth through kindergarten.