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cleaning audit template is a cleaning audit sample that gives infomration on cleaning audit design and format. when designing cleaning audit example, it is important to consider cleaning audit template style, design, color and theme. having the right knowledge can give you back the power needed to keep your business up tostandard with cleaning procedures that you will ultimately benefit from. without a proper cleaning procedure in place, hygiene standards can easily be neglected. the purpose of a cleaning audit is to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment forstaff, clients, and visitors that meet health and safety standards. the spreading of illness and outbreaks are preventable with effective cleaning audits. cleaning audits allow your management team to monitor and understand what’s been cleanedand what hasn’t. business owners now more than ever are under pressure to maintain a strict cleaning practice.with regular cleaning audits your clients and employees will be able to use your facilitieswith confidence while minimizing the use of sick leave from your employees. a cleaning audit will ensure you’re doing your part to keepthem safe.

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therefore conducting a cleaning audit is the safe way to ensure that your business is compliantwith new zealand’s health and safety standards as they are a required component. cleaning budgets can range into tens of thousands of dollars per year. auditing gives greatinsight into how a cleaning budget is being spent and professional guidance on how yourbusiness can maintain its effective cleaning standards. regular commercial cleaning of a business or property means you save money in the longterm. not only will your business be squeaky clean when conducting a cleaning audit but you areprotecting your business reputation at the same time. we pride ourselves on the quality and level of service delivered to each client we work with.our audit cleaning services ensure that our client’s requirements are met with the highestcleaning standards. whether you need food and safety cleaning, industrial cleaning, or commercial cleaning –rapid facility services provide a variety of sanitary solutions that ensure facilities meet themany audit standards.

a janitorial cleaning audit isn’t just a tool to confirm that customers are being served well, but also a method of ensuring that the business’s processes are firing on all cylinders. you need to know that your cleaning service company is conducting them, and it’s not a bad idea for you to occasionally conduct an audit of your own. you know a janitorial cleaning audit should be conducted, but you’re not sure where to begin. this is a discussion to have with the owner of your janitorial service. ultimately, you want the audits to improve the results of the team’s efforts. with that in mind, avoid adhering to a rigid schedule— predictability will just train the staff to work extra hard on the days that they know they’ll be audited. it’s important that you work with the supervisors to determine the specifics for your inspections.

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specificity is key— be sure to be as detailed as possible so that an auditor knows precisely what to look for when they enter a room. don’t speculate whether they did the work or not (“it doesn’t look like you wiped down the windows in the entryway”), but use specific examples to explain your findings (“i noticed a lot of fingerprints on the windows in the entryway. how will you “grade” the work you see? the easiest way is to keep it simple. pass or fail will eliminate any need for the auditor to try to decide between a random number, making it easier (and faster) for your auditors to make their assessment and move on. regardless of what you decide to do, it’s important that your auditors have a thorough understanding of it as well as the staff. a truly professional janitorial service will conduct routine janitorial cleaning audits to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain strict business standards.

even though you might not feel like having a strong cleaning process is that important, you need to have a standardized process that can ensure your cleanrooms are as clean as possible. from time to time, you also need to audit your cleaning practices to ensure that all the necessary best practices are being followed. in the past, a cleaning audit was something that a lot of people thought was nice to have. now, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, it is obvious that you need to have cleaning audits as a part of your daily operations. this type of audit demonstrates that you care about the duty you have to everyone around you while also providing a level of reassurance for the people inside. as a company, you need to take a look at your cleaning practices to make sure you are following all of the best practices in the field.

on the other hand, from time to time, it is important to reach out to a professional third party that can provide you with a slightly different perspective. if you reach out to a third party that can verify your cleaning practices for you, you will be armed with additional proof that you can show to building owners and senior executives that your cleaning practices are exactly where they should be. some of the most common examples include: even if there are issues identified in your cleaning audit, you should not despair. when you are looking for a company that can perform your cleaning audit for you, you need to identify an independent auditor or inspector who has the necessary certifications to review your cleaning practices. if you are looking for a janitorial service that can handle all of your cleaning needs, look no further than pegasus. at pegasus, it would be our pleasure to provide you with a comprehensive cleaning audit that can let you know how you can improve your cleaning practices. then, don’t forget to contact us for an instant quote.