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clickup checklist template is a clickup checklist sample that gives infomration on clickup checklist design and format. when designing clickup checklist example, it is important to consider clickup checklist template style, design, color and theme. if you are totally new to clickup and you’re not sure what i mean by a checklist or subtask, stay tuned. and you can save a whole bunch here that i can kind of collapse and expand and show in different ways. back here at the overall list level, there’s such a thing called a progress custom field, and what this custom field does is we can attach it to a list, a whole list of tasks. so here i can go through and assign each of these to different folks who might be responsible for different parts of the process. so this could be a nice way to write out the steps of a process and kind of keep track of maybe all the clicks, maybe all of the things that you need to do in order to complete that specific process. now, this is both a blessing and a curse, right, because all this complexity and the fact that you saw how i clicked into that and i can go back to the main task here, but things can get lost in all of these layers. so if i have a task and the task itself is assigned to me or the subtask is assigned to me, it’ll show up in my inbox.

clickup checklist format

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so so far we’ve talked about what checklist and subtasks are, we’ve even compared them to description, bullet points that kind of look the same way. so for example, if i go in here into an automation and i start the trigger of when task is created, then apply this template. if i’m inside a subtask and i click on that arrow, it’ll jump to the next subtask. [00:13:14.200] if all of the checklist assignees are blank, like here, we’ve got some like tasks that are going on here and this overall task is only assigned to layla. [00:14:03.700] so in order to have your closed subtask be visible, you need to actually unnest your subtask, show your subtasks as separate tasks and that is the only way to see your completed tasks from this area. so if you’re watching this and you’re thinking, oh, there’s something i really love to add or learn about views, i’d love for you to put that in the comments below. the processdriven approach™️ combines software expertise with practical process-first strategies that have helped 1,600+ teams build a scalable foundation of business systems.