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client offboarding template is a client offboarding sample that gives infomration on client offboarding design and format. when designing client offboarding example, it is important to consider client offboarding template style, design, color and theme. in this post, we’ll show you how to build a perfect client offboarding checklist. a well-designed offboarding checklist gives you the chance to stand out by improving the client experience. you should start by showing appreciation — write a sincere message that expresses your gratitude for the opportunity to work together. it can be a small gift like a coupon code or something you know your client will use and appreciate. once you summarize project deliverables, it is time to send the final invoice to your client. you must clearly outline the steps for closing clients’ accounts and/or contracts: you should also equip your client for their post-engagement journey.

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a proactive approach demonstrates your commitment to the ongoing success of past clients. you should seize the opportunity to showcase extra offers that your client might find valuable in the future. don’t hesitate to ask for a referral if your client had a positive experience. last but not least, you should close out the client offboarding packet on a warm note by expressing your willingness to collaborate again in the future. this post is mainly about the things you need to do in order to successfully off-board a client, but what about the opposite? treat each client with due attention to close the relationship on a high note.

not only is it a really nice touch, but it will help both you and your client feel a real sense of closure on the project. firstly, it reminds them of the value of working together (which will help when it comes to working with them again in the future and in them referring people they know to you) and it also ensures that they actually have access to everything they have paid for! it’s not essential but it’s just a really nice thing to be able to send them a copy of the work if they send you an email four months down the line to say that their hard drive just died!

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this will give your client a few choices when it comes to following along and they will really appreciate you going the extra mile, especially at the end of your project when most people are just looking to get outta dodge! if you know that your client is working on something in the not-too-distant future or if you’ve been discussing tools and apps with them during your work together, add them to a resources page in your offboarding packet. firstly, it reminds them that this doesn’t have to be the end and there are other ways that you can work together in the future. secondly, you’ve just invited them to your referral program so now is a great time to let them know what services you offer that they can promote to their audience and connections!

whether it’s due to a highly competitive market, a critical misunderstanding, or the changing landscape pushing the client out of business, to name just a few possibilities, it happens even with the most professional and the best-managed it providers on the market. to minimize both the impact on your reputation and the work that has to be done, you need to come up with a smooth, detailed, and simple offboarding plan. in this guide, we will define the key points of a flawless msp client offboarding checklist. whether it’s due to a contract violation, a switch to another msp, or their strategic move to an internal it department, there are basic procedures you need to perform before you start the offboarding: when the contract end date is near, you can start with the actual offboarding procedures: first, disable, delete, and move your stack. it’s time to define what should be removed.

send it to your client and, when the date arrives, delete the client’s data from storage on your premises. don’t forget to hold any compliance data, if you were working with clients subject to any legislation. you need to understand the possible risks and the ways to protect your managed it business against any undesirable behavior. here are some tips and tricks: sometimes the customer won’t leave peacefully and will look for any loophole in your actions or contract to take unfair advantage of you. it’s a code of professional conduct and affects your reputation on the market.