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if you’re looking for a fun way to form partners for cooperative learning lessons, try the appointment clock buddies strategy. within just a few minutes, each of your students will have four unique partners lined up for future activities! to keep track of these appointments, students record them on their appointment clock buddies printables. kids love this part of the activity because they’re moving around the room, meeting their classmates, and choosing partners for future lessons. when you need your students to pair up for an activity, ask them to take out their appointment clocks.

to get started with appointment clock buddies, download the free printables and choose the format you prefer. classroom management tip: be sure to guide your students through the activity, step-by-step, and monitor what they are writing on their appointment clocks in each step. the first time i tried this with my 5th graders, i gave them verbal directions and let them move around the room, signing each other’s papers without much direction from me. when i asked them to pair up for an activity later, there was mass confusion because they hadn’t filled out their appointment clocks properly. when i first shared the appointment clock buddies activity online, a teacher suggested that i create a compass-themed variation. i loved her “compass buddies” idea and created two printables to go with the activity.

browse clock partner template resources on teachers pay teachers, a marketplace trusted by clock buddies (free printable) – the easy way to partner your students ahead of . saved from student roster secondary template day 2 everyone to find a partner and “make a 1 o’clock appointment.” pairs trade names on their , clock partners generator, clock partners generator, alternatives to clock buddies, teachers pay teachers, clock partners free.

appointment clock buddies is a fun cooperative learning strategy for assigning partners. free printables and full appointment clock buddies. teacher directions. overview: this activity is a fun way to create ready- made sets of permission granted for classroom use / all others inquire at rjones@ clock buddies. 9. 11. 10. 7., compass buddies

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