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it is most commonly used to specify the return type for functions that don’t return anything. id : known as the anonymous or dynamic object type, it can store a reference to any type of object with no need to specify a pointer symbol. when a property is synthesized, accessors are created which allow you to set and get the value of a property. you should be able to infer what is happening, what arguments a method takes, or what is being returned just by reading a method signature. switch statements are often used in place of if statements if there is a need to test if a certain variable matches the value of another constant or variable. a category can be declared for any class and any methods that you declare in a category will be available to all instances of the original class, as well as any subclasses of the original class.

if the name of a method declared in a category is the same as a method in the original class, or a method in another category on the same class (or even a superclass), the behavior is undefined as to which method implementation is used at runtime. the general rule of thumb is to subclass another class only if you can satisfy the liskov substitution principle: if s is a subtype of t, then objects of type t in a program may be replaced with objects of type s without altering any of the desirable properties of that program. class clusters have quite a few private classes within them so it’s difficult to ensure that you have overridden all of the primitive methods and designated initializers within the class cluster properly. an example of this would be if you had a modal view with a table that showed over top of your view controller and you needed to know which table cell the user pressed. when you are transitioning from one view controller to another in a storyboard, there is an easy way to pass data between the two by implementing the prepareforsegue:sender: method: user defaults are basically a way of storing simple preference values which can be saved and restored across app launches. for example, if the class is a network or location manager, you would name the method sharedmanager instead of sharedinstance.

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