construction handover checklist template

construction handover checklist template is a construction handover checklist sample that gives infomration on construction handover checklist design and format. when designing construction handover checklist example, it is important to consider construction handover checklist template style, design, color and theme. project handover is the final part of the closeout process, where all that’s been done during closeout is handed over to the owner and their team. most remaining work will have been identified during the punch list walkthrough, and taken care of for a building to get substantial completion. in both cases, project handover is an important time for an owner to receive warranties and understand what they cover. the gc is responsible for managing all elements of handover and working to make it as smooth and effective as possible.

construction handover checklist format

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however, the municipality will sometimes manage and be in charge of inspections relating to the building’s intended use, such as a fire marshal walkthrough or health inspection. it’s often best to quickly do this work, since a happy client is more likely to return for repeat business and less likely to require time-consuming assistance in the future. subcontractors who understand how their work fits into a larger project and what is required of them are more likely to deliver everything before they leave the jobsite. this can be as simple as creating a spreadsheet that categorizes tasks and documentation by the people who need to provide it. a commercial roof… the closeout process for a commercial construction project is the culmination of an incredible amount of planning and labor.