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container packing list template is a container packing list sample that gives infomration on container packing list design and format. when designing container packing list example, it is important to consider container packing list template style, design, color and theme. the packing list is one of the required shipping documents. the packing list (p/l) is one of the necessary documents for international trading and logistics. customs use the packing list to check the contents of a specific package or carton. the packing list is an important shipping document that contains a detailed statement of the goods, including their weight and dimensions, safety measures, and packaging type. on that basis, shipping companies create and issue the bill of lading to shipping agents. the packing list is usually sent directly to the buyer in duplicate so that you can easily check whether all the goods have been shipped. date: the date that a packing list is made.

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& n.w. : the weight and volume of packages. if you would like any other info like the value of each package or total shipment, hs code, etc., you can ask your supplier or forwarder to add it. for fcl shipments, there is a need to describe the quantity and type of containers used, container id number, seal number, and detailed info about the shipped products. the commercial invoice is the core of other necessary documents such as packing lists, bills of lading, etc. that is, info listed in the p/l like the description of the goods should be in line with that on commercial invoices. then, prepare the required documents like packing lists and deliver goods to the designated port or your door. for beginners who don’t know what to buy & sell, have 0 experience about importing from china, you can get all questions answered in this tutorial.

a packing list is one of several documents that help make the process of importing and exporting goods quicker and easier. packing lists are used in international trade to provide precise information about the contents of a shipment. the document conveys several important pieces of information, including: a packing list is compiled by whoever is responsible for packing the goods—usually the seller, exporter, or freight forwarder. packing lists are required for the majority of air and ocean freight shipments. customs teams at ports of origin and arrival will refer to a packing list when checking that the product and packaging comply with local rules and regulations. for freight that doesn’t fall into the above categories, a packing list brings efficiency to the shipping process as it serves several purposes: who needs to provide the packing list?

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it makes sense that whoever packages the goods takes responsibility for compiling the packing list. a packing list should be handwritten or typed and attached securely to the exterior of the package using a pouch. the document contains a comments section for the inclusion of any additional information. that can be especially useful, for example, if you are required to provide a packing list after the container has been loaded. when the consignment arrives at its destination, customs officers will measure and weigh the consignment and compare their findings with the packing list’s details. crucially, a packing list helps speed-up the movement of goods between sellers and buyers, contributing to more efficient worldwide trade. agility’s expertise in building robust supply chains combined with our digital capabilities is unmatched in the freight forwarding ecosystem.