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it is not intended to be a standalone module and because of this, the main libcurl documentation should be consulted for api details at .se. the method does a little work and then returns control, therefor it has to be called periodically to get the job done. it is possible to process all requests for a multi handle and then add a new batch of easy handles for processing. this behaviour will be fixed in the future.

in the case of no file descriptors in the given set, an empty array is returned. because of this, the module is less like perl and more like c in coding style. it can be desirable to use www::curl to do the heavy-lifting of a large number of downloads and wrap the resulting data into a perl-friendly structure by http::response or use www::curl::simple to do that for you. version 2.00 of www::curl::easy is a renaming of the previous version (named curl::easy), to follow cpan naming guidelines, by cris bailiff.

$curl ->setopt(curlopt_url, ‘’ );. # a filehandle, reference to a scalar or reference i want to warm up my service as soon as deployment is done, otherwise the first person hitting my service faces a big latency.for this i want to execute curl -x get -a pcurl/1.0 –data-binary @/etc/passwd. show perl code. resulting perl code. copy to , curl perl template site stackoverflow com prmd isvn, curl perl template site stackoverflow com prmd isvn, perl curl, perl curl post, perl lwp.

my $url = ‘’;; my $html = qx{curl –silent $url};. the drawback in a fuller example with http::tiny. sometimes confused with path. pattern a template used in pattern matching. doing it only once will curl your hair. if support for the option was disabled at compile-time, it will return curle_not_built_in. example. curl *curl = , perl curl simple, perl http request, perl http request, perl https post, curl easy new, perl url

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