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customer due diligence checklist template is a customer due diligence checklist sample that gives infomration on customer due diligence checklist design and format. when designing customer due diligence checklist example, it is important to consider customer due diligence checklist template style, design, color and theme. cdd processes are crucial for know your customer (kyc), and while they vary around the world, in most cases, they involve identifying your customer and understanding their activities. this involves collecting additional information on high-risk customers to provide a deeper understanding of customer activity and to mitigate risk. ascertain the identity and location of the potential customer, and gain a good understanding of their business activities. sometimes, the only way to get the information required for cdd is through a trusted third party, so it’s important to ensure that their standards and best practices are aligned with your business.

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at the end of the day, you are liable and will be fined or penalized for non-compliance. having a meticulous and comprehensive process for documenting cdd-related information is highly effective and also mitigates any potential risk for you as a business. keeping records of all the cdd and edd performed on each customer, or potential customer, is necessary in case of future regulatory obligations (for example, an external audit). the key to effective, ongoing cdd is to have set policies and processes for various contingencies. reverification is a proactive approach to maintaining data integrity, complying with regulations and mitigating potential risks.

know your customer (kyc) is a process that banks and other financial institutions use to verify the identity of potential clients, as mandated in the 1970 u.s. bank secrecy act and the 2001 usa patriot act. first and foremost, cdd protects the business from dealing with a customer involved in illegal or questionable activity. when customers are not verified, a financial institution or bank could become the target of legal or regulatory actions stemming from customer activities like money laundering, terrorist financing, and corruption. the bank or financial institution can implement it when the customer poses a very low risk for money laundering, terrorist financing, or other financial crimes.

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customer acquisition due diligence is the process of performing cdd when a customer first enters into a business relationship with a bank or financial institution. financial institutions should apply customer due diligence to all potential customers, but the choice to perform standard, simplified, or enhanced due diligence is based on the type of customer, the bank’s policies, and the laws and regulations covering them. many businesses use cdd software to automate parts of the cdd and ecdd process. the software should be able to do the following: examples of cdd software include nice actimize, sas customer due diligence, kyc portal, netreveal, and abrigo due diligence manager.

customer due diligence is a multi-step process that involves collecting and verifying information about a customer during onboarding. in case a company fails to implement efficient cdd procedures, criminals may abuse it for money laundering and other crimes. to stay safe and compliant, companies need to ensure they perform essential cdd procedures, which are covered in the list below:  a company should decide whether a client suits an established risk profile before establishing any kind of relationship with them. manual solutions can allow companies more control over the verification process, while automated solutions can process large amounts of data and onboard more customers. how: it should be noted that companies need to ensure that their third-party providers are trustworthy and that the shared information is reliable.

more information about detecting and dealing with low- and high-risk customers is available in our complete guide to the uk (which also applies elsewhere). not only does a company need to verify its customers, it also needs to store the collected information in case regulators request it. for example, in the us, india, and china, companies are obliged to retain information about clients for five years after the end of the customer relationship or five years after the completion of an occasional transaction. customer due diligence (cdd) is a range of measures aimed at collecting and assessing information relevant to a customer.. kyc is one of the essential elements of cdd, specifically covering identification and verification of the customer. companies have to implement cdd procedures to effectively manage risks and protect them from potential involvement in criminal activities and stay compliant with the regulations. sum and substance ltd (uk) is registered with the information commissioner’s office in line with the data protection act 2018. supports 256-bit tls encryption on every device data protection registration number: za222205.