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cute to do list template is a cute to do list sample that gives infomration on cute to do list design and format. when designing cute to do list example, it is important to consider cute to do list template style, design, color and theme. why settle for a bland, basic legal pad when you can track all your tasks on something beautiful, trendy and functional? plus, nearly anything can take the place of a pad of paper, from an oversize picture frame to a cutting board. here’s a fun way to motivate the kids to get moving! and when the kids are done, they can move the magnet from “to do” to “done.” take a photo frame (specifically a “floating frame”), tape some journaling cards to the glass and — bam! — you have this sleek and super-functional template for your to-do list. for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and really digging in, this one will require you to take a trip to lowe’s or home depot and pick up a pallet, chalkboard paint, clothespins and a few other items from the hardware store. perfect for all you minimalists out there, this magnetic shopping/to-do list is a visually pleasing, simple piece of art you can show off on your refrigerator. then take a ruler and scalpel to cut it down.

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because that’s all the time it takes to put together this sticky note to-do list. this one’s fun and interactive, perfect to help keep your kids accountable. they’ll love moving their chores from “to do” to “done.” this one requires metal bars, magnets and some spray paint, among other materials; and you’re left with a cute, very untraditional to-do list. grab a paper roll, clips, string, nails and some spray paint, and get going. this particular one includes a weekly dinner menu for the family, a monthly calendar, a section for notes, a chores list and even a clip to hold receipts. but you can tailor it to your particular needs. instead of slathering an entire wall with chalkboard paint, break it up and create a massive calendar on your wall. very similar to the aforementioned command center, this one keeps track of it all — from coupons to shopping lists. hang it up on your pantry door, and you have yourself one sleek, very trendy organizational board.