data collection checklist template

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data collection checklist format

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more data collected means more data to process, and ultimately to review. instead, develop strong preservation and early case assessment processes, and target your collections so that you are only collecting the potentially relevant esi – nothing more or less. mobile collection, highly disorganized data stores on legacy systems, and hidden or fragmented files all present potential challenges in collection. it’s always in your best interest – financially and procedurally – to be proactive in assessing your needs and determining if outside resources will be needed. in a phased collection strategy, data is prioritized so that only the highly relevant data is collected immediately. remember that the only way to execute a defensible phased collection strategy is to have a very strong preservation process that does not force you into the position of having to collect everything at once. rather than create multiple copies of the same data, create a centralized repository (like a nextpoint database) of collected esi and develop a systematic process for reusing that data across multiple and disparate matters.