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A deal memo template is an important document between two entities. Therefore, it’s considered a type of binding agreement as well. That’s why it’s important to keep the deal memo legible and make sure that it defines all of the terms and conditions of the agreement clearly. Whether it’s a crew deal memo or any other type of memo, make sure that it’s concise, clear, and to the point. Creating a template is an efficient way to ensure that the information and the outline will be easily understood. You can even download a template from here then customize it according to the needs of your own agreement. It’s similar to a business memo template where everyone who’s part of the agreement should affix their signatures. After signing, everyone involved should follow everything that’s written on the deal memo template. Any projects involved in creating a series or a film must have this document for the purposes of confidentiality and security. This ensures the security of your investments. A deal memo template is a type of employment agreement which indicates all of the information about the contract. Such information includes: The name of the employer It should be very clear who the employer is in agreement. All of this information will ensure that you’re dealing with a legit company which isn’t afraid to share all of their professional information in case you’d like to do a background check.The employee’s name and other information Of course, the document should contain your name, your job title, and a list of the responsibilities you’re assigned to perform.

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Also, it should specify the terms of your salary like whether you will receive hourly, daily or weekly payments. The memo should indicate the compensation to expect if you extend longer than the allotted time. If you need to fly to a different location, the production company should provide you with round-trip tickets to and from the shooting destination. You should receive these tickets prior to your departure so you can prepare for the trip. Make sure that you will stay in reasonable, clean, and private rooms where you can rest at the end of each production day.Equipment and other expendables This information should be part of the deal memo for equipment suppliers. Are you renting out your own equipment or is the equipment coming from a bigger rental company? If there are any damages or loss, will insurance cover the equipment? The bottom line is that you need to make sure that everything is clearly stated in the document and you’ve covered all of the possible issues and scenarios.Employment terms The document should contain all information about the terms of employment. Also, you should know whether you’re hired for the whole duration of the project or if you only need to report weekly, daily or hourly. All this information is essential, especially if you have turned other work away to join the project. Ideally, you should receive compensation in the event there are any delays. As much as possible, this type of salary shouldn’t be part of the agreement. You won’t.

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You need to make sure that you receive compensation in a timely manner. Beyond that, the chances of receiving compensation become slimmer. But if you do agree to a deferred salary deal, negotiate the terms well. Instead, you should receive at least twice or three times more than your normal salary rate if the production company will make you wait for a long time. If the production company asks everyone to wait, then everyone should receive compensation together too. You can even include a statement in the agreement which indicates that everything you produce (music, soundtracks, recordings, and more) are all your copyrighted property until you’ve received the full compensation you’ve agreed upon. A deal memo is a document made by two agreeing entities involved in creating movies, films or television series. Creating a deal memo template is easier when you know more about the circumstances which require it. The deal usually comes in the form of a deal memo which includes the actor’s personal and professional details.Cast members When you’re casting people for a film, the film directors need to sign the document for the cast members. They can only affix their signatures to agree to the deal after you’ve created a deal memo template. A deal memo considers all of the important aspects of the project as mentioned in the content. This document will serve as a formal agreement which makes them part of your movie production.For deals between an employee and the company When you hire an employee in your company, or you assign a specific task to him, you should provide an official deal memo for him to sign. Again, include all of the relevant information in the document and make sure that your employee understands everything before he signs it.General You can also use the deal memo template for making other kinds of deals apart from those in the movie industry.

– a deal memo template is an important document between two entities. the film industry typically uses this document, and it’s drafted by producers. this document is one part of an employment agreement. therefore, it’s considered a type of binding agreement as well. – looking for a crew deal memo template? we provide a complete breakdown of deal memos and key considerations before sending to crew. a deal memo is similar to an agreement made by the parties involved concerning a matter in movie making. this is mostly happens in movie or entertainment in the movie industry, the deal sample memo template is the written pact between the crew of the movie and the production staff of it; it s like business memo download and personalize a free deal memo template for producer, director, crew, or cast. you can easily edit and print these memos in microsoftâ® word. please note that is deal memo is a template only. it should not be construed as legal advice and producer to producer is not responsible for its usage in any way deal memo template word, deal memo template word, deal memo template music, deal memo template music, deal memo template google docs, deal memo template google docs, deal memo real estate, deal memo real estate, performer deal memo, performer deal memo, simple deal memo template, simple deal memo template, film crew contract template, film crew contract template, film crew contract pdf, film crew contract pdf, deal memo template, deal memo template

As a UPM (Unit Production Manager), you must decide between having the entire crew use the production company’s deal memo template or allowing the crew to turn in their own. By accepting union or non-union crew deal memos, it becomes your responsibility to make sure it agrees with the production company’s expectations. Along with the crew member’s rate, the Compensation section should specify the form of payment either as a gross fee, monthly, weekly, or day rate. This section is where you’ll fill out the contractor’s name (or their loan out company) and that of the production company, film or producers. This states that the crew member will do the best job possible during the time period stated in the agreement. If it does, then your crew may request travel day rates which, if under six hours, are often half their day rate. SAG considers any drive over an hour as on the clock, and any travel day (such as flying) as a full day rate, plus a travel stipend of around $60 per travel day. Some deal memo templates will specify meal provisions for travel days, in which the crew is owed three meals per day or a penalty of around $15-30 per meals missed. Here’s a glossary of grip and gaffer equipment you may find in a package. It’s critical to negotiate what the daily or weekly rate will be, and what type of insurance, if any, will be provided by production. Unless it’s specified, the production company could be responsible for paying for the loss or damages of a crew member’s expensive materials, whether at fault or not. The last you thing want is for your crew to demand payment upon wrap when you actually intended for a 30-day window. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 made it illegal for companies to knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Due to its Federal Statute, some companies require their contractors or employees to provide proof of US Citizenships via official documentation.

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On independent productions, where the Picture Car is also used for travel to and from set, you could specify that the Picture Car is no longer covered on off-hours. If your crew is driving more than an hour to set, it’s appropriate to provide gas reimbursement. This could come in the form of a daily/weekly/monthly rate and paid in cash or added to their paychecks. However it’s handled, it needs to be noted in this section of the deal memo template. can only be used for a single production and should be provided to the crew. It is best to meet with each department head, communicate what production will specifically pay for, and have your department heads pass this onto their crews. This is often a contentious stipulation because some crew members will take issue with being responsible for production company equipment, rather than having a production assistant or coordinator keep track of them. A common balance is to specify that responsibility will occur under gross negligence. This describes the size, type, font and placement of a crew member’s credit on screen. I suggest making sure the crew understands their screen credit and that it could change at the production’s discretion. This is especially true of performers, whether in SAG or non-union, will want certain positioning in their title credits and typically requesting a Single Title Card (i.e. This ensures the Contractor knows their employment is temporary. It specifies the amount of notice the Production Company must provide the Contractor in the event of termination. These fees occur in the event of termination and improper notice (typically 24 hours or less).

This indicates the terms of the film crew contract is in no way amendable or able to be revised by the Contractor, unless agreed upon by both parties. This states that the Contractor will in no way own a percentage of, or is entitled to, anything beyond the payment he or she is due as defined in the crew deal memo template. If your request is unreasonable, you should talk to your contractor about his or her expectations and adjust accordingly. While most crew and performers won’t mind allowing you full disclosure to use their voice, picture, and likeness in promotional work, make sure you clarify how, when, and where this will occur in the deal memo template. In the age of social media and iPhones, another great provision is making sure everyone knows they can be photographed or recorded at any time, by anyone. So in this case, you’ll need to specify that crew or performers are prohibited from publishing any videos or photos captured on set. The most telling sign of someone finding a deal memo template online and failing to read it, is when the clause that decides how and where disputes will be resolved, takes place in a state or country that differs from where Production “resides.” As you can see from above, these stipulations can be worded a multitude of ways and occupy most of the deal memo templates. It’s always best to have a lawyer create or review any and all of these provisions. When in doubt, ask your production company for clarity and/or recommend amendments or changes as you see best fit. This provision is a safety net in the event a contractor or their work fails to meet your expectations. This means you can assign the terms of the agreement to another individual or production company. For example, if a new production company is hired midway through the shoot or the production company is sold to another. This protects the production company against any loss, claim, liability, cost, or expense they have accrued for any breach or default.

While deal memo templates and crew contracts aren’t terribly complicated matters, they’re often the only thing protecting a production company from disputes. It’s fine to negotiate things like mileage, pay, and travel days, but be mindful in regards to discussing the legal jargon, as one ill-typed revision could be disastrous.