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dojo/request is a new api (introduced in dojo 1.8) for making requests to a server from the client. in a browser, the code above will execute an http get request using an xmlhttprequest to helloworld.txt and return a dojo/promise/promise . some of the most-used options available are: this example executes an http post request to post-content.php; a simple object (data) is also serialized and sent as post data with the request as well as an “x-something” header. in the example below, a post request is used to send the username and password to the server and the result from the server is displayed.

when handleas is set to “json”, dojo/request treats the response payload as json data and parses it into a javascript object. to listen for an event, call the return value of the dojo/request/notify module with two parameters: an event name and a listener function. the promise returned by dojo/request is a promise, allowing a series of requests to be issued and the responses processed asynchronously. pages can include content from multiple sources and use the data from each request as soon as it is available.

let’s take a look at a simple example: require([“dojo/request”], function(request){ request(“helloworld.txt”).then( the ajax theme is deprecated! the ajax the theme uses the popular dojo ajax/javascript toolkit. using the dojo javascript library to build ajax applications james e. harmon. how did “${name}” from the template get , dojo tutorial w3school, dojo tutorial w3school, dojo modules, dojo script, dojo download file.

the struts ajax theme uses dojo (struts and higher will use dojo ), which is not the most recent like the title says i am using the new dojo syntax for the dojo/request/xhr, but this doesn’t seem to work and throws an error while loading data while sunil patil concludes his introduction to the dojo toolkit by walking you through an email a button click by the user, for example — so that the function is called when the event occurs., dojo tool kit, dojo jquery, dojo jquery, dojo development environment, load dojo

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