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equipment pm checklist template is a equipment pm checklist sample that gives infomration on equipment pm checklist design and format. when designing equipment pm checklist example, it is important to consider equipment pm checklist template style, design, color and theme. a preventive maintenance checklist gets all the steps and information out of a manual and into the hands of experienced technicians by standardizing preventive maintenance (pms) in your cmms. the purpose of a preventive maintenance checklist is to ensure preventive maintenance tasks are done correctly and in the same sequence of steps, regardless of which maintenance team member completes them. a pass-or-fail preventive maintenance checklist might include instructions to measure the actual temperature of the compressor and compare it to acceptable standards. a formal preventive maintenance checklist puts this knowledge in the palm of your hand for easy access.

equipment pm checklist overview

preventive maintenance checklists make it easier for technicians to complete pms, which makes them quicker. your maintenance team has all the necessary information—the key is to gather that information and organize it into formal processes. “best practice for creating checklists is to have it be a team effort between the maintenance manager, the maintenance planner, and the supervisor,” says fiix solutions engineer jason afara. the maintenance manager should be the one reviewing checklists and making sure they’re doing the job they’re supposed to be doing and that there are no instances of pencil-whipping occurring. so before you set out on the next leg of your maintenance journey, make sure you have well-built maintenance checklists to act as a compass on your way to higher efficiency, better spending, and a safer operation.

well crafted preventive maintenance checklists give your team the step-by-step tools they need to be successful. in addition, a preventive maintenance checklist reduces human errors and includes important safety steps that must be taken to minimize the chance of injury. and the easier it is to complete maintenance work, the less downtime will become an issue. the way the maintenance needs of your equipment has changed over time must be accounted for in any preventive maintenance checklists you develop.

equipment pm checklist format

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equipment pm checklist guide

the easiest way to prepare a good pm checklist is to identify what needs to be included in each in order to facilitate your processes and workflows. it is also helpful to test your checklist by having a technician who was not in the process of writing it, complete a test pm. by endowing your maintenance team with the step-by-step best practices for all their routine maintenance activities, you provide them with the freedom to be successful and productive in their roles. we’ve updated our hvac maintenance page recently (/checklists/hvac-maintenance/) hoping it’s not too much to ask for a link in “these templates created by iauditor” (the link used to be there, i think? maybe it was a temporary issue as we did some technical changes on the blog.