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in this page, i have shared our top 20 templates. hi harsh , im working on that sort of excel sheet can you please share with me your version and i can share with you mine. however, i found that it is locked and i have not found a way to open it for editing. i want to find which numbers in column 2 matches with the numbers of column 1. what formula should i use for this? i already have one with me that is also ok but it is limited to number of subject, and has some feature to be tune to my need i don’t know if you can help with it so it will not need building a fresh one from scratch. i have already mailed you through your gmail and have also attached the excel template. am looking for an excel template to store information related to helpdesk, where information can be stored and can be retrieved at a click of a button when required or asked by any of the customer. i wish you all the best and i hope your website becomes a world-wide success. but if all you need is to read the data, you can as well write a vba macro that will convert excel to access or mysql table and then read that in php. i know that i can do this in a table but i really need to be able to do it in excel so that i can have the charts for display. i always had some “kida” of excel and i am always keen to learn as much as possible i have one question for you, do you have any template to make a fish-bone diagram on excel, i feel it is possible and i was able to create one automated version of fish-bone on excel but could not get the formatting right. i heard that excel can be used as a database to track competitors and the competitive history (archive). in that i used the just refresh key “f9” to do the wonder! hi chandoo … awsome site … i found this via a google search looking for the formula to reverse the order of rows where i have data. hi chandoo, i need to run excel education to my stuff, do you have a basic excel prz. i am very much intrested to join in excel 2011 online school. i normally used to frequent the google groups especially for programming and worksheet functions, but the content in your site is mind boggling and very helpful. depending on the month, i use the vlookup to retrieve a different number. i thing, if you want to share free of cost knowledge, provide it free of cost and esay steps. merci beaucoup ???? good to have you in this site hihih i donno why i had to go into these if formula and bla bla bla i am searching of portfolio management excel sheet for different age persons model portfolios so pls help me i am searching for equity not for mf where targetdate is a cell name which i have mentioned. would you help me with any template so that i can extend it to my need.

i have a workbook in which i have to run a report on a daily basis and send it to my manager and cc it to my team leaders via lotus notes. i am a novice and its very much challenging as well as enjoyment for me to get into the world of macro and see the magic. @ata use the download now links on the right hand side of the screen the links take you to the original web site where the charts are hosted hi chandu, i am working as graphics specialist in a reputed organisation. my question is how to trace the charts in 2007 and 2010. currently i am working with 2003, it is user friendly to trace the charts. i have a list of offers for airlines but i only want to see europe ones on a seperate tab. how can i copy them all at one time to a new worksheet in the same workbook? i work in the aviation industry and employees may be scheduled to work in different departments and/or different clients (airline). i am looking for a way to complete the task of adding panning hand to my excel 2010. i always had it & now its gone. please help on this how to solve using formulas, i am not familiar in excel formula. do u know if it can be done by excel app in 2010 office and its a simple thing to do..,     after deep appreciation for the work that you give, i need some help, i’m working “work force” in the field “call center” i need help me for making template by excel. i was looking for a hr staffing template that i ca use, in order to determinted the time to hire etc…. do you have something related to this available? somehow i managing to do manually and some are on formulas, but it takes so much time. i encourage you to use a table for this type of data. if so, i kindly request you to drop a email along with the cost of the course. hi there tks for the very useful information about excel i want to know how to prepare a rental income and expense worksheet which will include an anversery increase in rental income expense . the spread should include yerly income exp over a period of 15 to 20 years pls let me know if there is such aspread sheet tks shamsu i have been using your tips for years. it is becoming extremely difficult for me to track and i take a long time to update the sheet and report further. do you know of any visual basic macro i can use to extract the results across four columns and analyse and summarise it by player? need multiple boxes with key words for example: customer called you click on customer called box and it inserts that text in a text box at the bottom. i am looking for customize inventory management system in excel for my organisation, please let me know how i can avail your services in this regards. i would like to start sales and operations planning in my company. i want to keep track for each shops inventory in 1 sheet so that if 1 item is getting low in 1 shop can transfer it from other.

currently we have downloads related to excel templates, excel downloads, charts, vba, macros, user defined functions, complete tutorial on how to set cell format to date with the range.numberformat vba property. 25 easy-to-use macro vba format function returns or results in a formatted string from a string expression. in vb macro window, when you click , excel vba templates free download, excel vba templates free download, excel vba format date, excel vba date format dd/mm/yyyy, vba numberformat date.

simply double click on a date and enter the to-do task list (as shown above). the list is stored for each date this excel template is created using excel functions and vba. read more about this excel syntax and examples. the microsoft excel format function takes a date expression and returns it as a formatted string. numberformat – dates. the default number format of a cell in excel is general. you can display values as numbers, text, , vba date format yyyymmdd, excel vba sample projects download, excel vba sample projects download, vba date format dd-mmm-yy, excel vba get date from datetime

A excel vba date template Word can contain formatting, styles, boilerplate text, headers and footers, as well as autotext entries. It is important to define the document styles beforehand in the sample document as styles define the appearance of Word text elements throughout your document. You may design other styles and format such as excel vba date template pdf, excel vba date template powerpoint, excel vba date template form. When designing excel vba date template, you may add related content, vba date format yyyymmdd, excel vba sample projects download, vba date format dd-mmm-yy, excel vba get date from datetime. how do i format a date in vba? how do you write today’s date in vba? how do i format in vba?