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facility management checklist template is a facility management checklist sample that gives infomration on facility management checklist design and format. when designing facility management checklist example, it is important to consider facility management checklist template style, design, color and theme. a facility checklist is the answer to preventing these problems, making it a critical tool for both facility planning and workplace management. when it comes to facility management services, prevention is the name of the game. that said, many fms will be responsible for maintenance inspection—or arranging for professional maintenance inspection—of the following areas, in any or all of their office buildings: some facilities management teams are responsible for also maintaining the facility grounds, whether that’s through hiring an outside contractor or assigning this duty to someone on staff. since a primary role of facility maintenance is to create a space where workers can be their most productive, a primary element of any facility maintenance checklist should be ensuring workers have all the resources they need for their day-to-day work.

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and since space management skills are always at the top of any facilities skills list, fms should be careful to always keep it top of mind when surveying the office. and going forward, fms can expect to be responsible for ensuring social distancing as well; by carefully tracking how workers are using the space, they will be in a better position to keep them safe, as well as to make recommendations for how to improve workplace strategy. a final element of any facility checklist should therefore also include a space for fms to check up on everyone else who contributes to facility maintenance, such as: depending on their setup, it and hr departments may also be involved in sourcing and managing these suppliers, as well as in other elements of facility maintenance. how facilities management teams can make the most of block and stack planning to create a better work environment for everyone

whether you manage a commercial building or other facilities, keeping a maintenance checklist can make building maintenance easier to track so you don’t miss a single important task. each season has its own challenges for building maintenance, and keeping a facility clean year-round is key to a long-standing building. allergies and hay fever are common indications that spring has arrived, and you’ll know it’s time to do some spring cleaning and maintenance on your commercial space! take advantage of this hot, dry season to check on outdoor areas and the overall exterior of your facility.

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any part that can be washed should be washed, as summer is the perfect time to get some maintenance done! autumn inspection is a challenging task to do in the cold weather, especially with tons of debris flying about. if your facility is located in a snowy area, snow can cause damage to your facility due to temperature, moisture, and weight. for facilities that never get in touch with snow, preventive maintenance is still needed to protect the building from rain, cold temperatures, and general dust and dirt. check this facility maintenance checklist for winter management more than just building maintenance, your human resources need maintenance too over the seasons.