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forklift checklist template is a forklift checklist sample that gives infomration on forklift checklist design and format. when designing forklift checklist example, it is important to consider forklift checklist template style, design, color and theme. an operator should conduct a forklift inspection every day before using a forklift. in this post, we provide some easy-to-use safety checklists for any type of forklift in your workplace. if the forklift is operated on a round-the-clock basis, it has to be inspected after every shift. because there are many types of forklifts, and vehicles can differ by manufacturer, you should refer to the manufacturer’s operator manual for specific instructions. here are some forklift inspection checklists to help you with each stage of your inspection. here’s what to look for in your visual check, depending on what type of forklift you’re inspecting.

forklift checklist format

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this inspection checklist applies to any type of forklift. in addition to checking the forklift daily, you should properly maintain your forklift over time because issues may arise as a result of regular wear and use. finally, every 2,000 hours, you should perform the following major maintenance checks in addition to the minor and intermediate ones: forklift safety comes down to how skillfully you operate the vehicle as well as your awareness of your surroundings. osha standards vary by state and by what type of forklift is in use, so be sure to look up the appropriate standards for your specific situation. oil and grease can build up on a daily basis and affect how the forklift drives as well as the safety of the operator using the controls. the forklift itself isn’t the only source of potential hazards on your jobsite. when operating your forklift, look out for things like: if you’re in need of a forklift to rent, you’ve come to the right place.