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gmp audit template is a gmp audit sample that gives infomration on gmp audit design and format. when designing gmp audit example, it is important to consider gmp audit template style, design, color and theme. the good manufacturing practice (gmp) audit is among the most critical pieces of your company’s ability to manufacture and distribute a regulated product, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, etc. for this reason, preparing for an audit can be nerve-wracking, and the audit itself can be intimidating. our quality professionals bring direct experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, combination, and medical device development and manufacturing to help you understand and address quality assurance needs at every stage of product development. the resulting audit report should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

gmp audit overview

it should include a summary of findings, recommendations for corrective action, a list of nonconformancesm and other observations. gmp audits are an important part of the manufacturing process and quality program more generally. fda inspections in gcp, glp, and gmp are critical for the successful achievement of maximum safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other medical products. be that as it may, for industry leaders, it is a daunting and seemingly unending process. learn how the fda group partnered with a healthcare product company to support a series of international quality audits to assess both good manufacturing practices (gmp) and good clinical practices (gcp) throughout the united states, europe, asia, and the middle east.

as regulations continue to evolve, authorities are demanding increased vigilance of the pharmaceutical supply chain and emphasizing the need for the application of quality risk management during the audit process. not only does compliance with gmp help manufacturers meet drug product requirements, but the framework also provides management with information on how effectively the quality of their processes and products are being controlled. upon completion of the audit, the auditee receives a report and a discussion of the findings, including recommendations on any improvements that may be required. audits by independent third-party experienced auditors can help pharmaceutical firms to identify possible gaps in gmp compliance and understand the associated risks.

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gmp audit guide

our team of former inspectors from the us fda, mhra and other regulatory bodies, along with our experienced industry specialists, are currently collaborating with companies around the globe to help them prepare for upcoming inspections. from the ‘internal auditor’ undertaking self-inspections to the formally qualified ‘gmp pqs lead auditor (cqi & irca certified training).’ our in-house courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your auditors, including both technical training relating to pharmaceutical processes and controls and training/mentoring for auditors in the audit process. specifically, they answer the question, ‘is an audit performed by a third party acceptable?’ it is acceptable to outsource audits but there must be appropriate controls in place. “both parties must also ensure that there are no conflicts of interest (e.g., a commercial relationship between the organization performing the audit and the organization being audited) or a personal conflict of interest of the auditor, for example, being employed by the auditee within the last three years or having a financial interest in the auditee.” when access to your supplier’s facilities is limited or not permitted, how can you assure yourself of the quality standards in operation to provide continuity of supply of medicinal products? complete the form below and one of our experts will get back in touch with you.

this gmp audit checklist is intended to aid in the systematic audit of a facility that manufactures drug components or finished products. therefore, ispe and the gmp institute accept no liability for any subsequent regulatory observations or actions stemming from the use of this audit checklist. if you are not already familiar with this facility, learn the type of product produced here and how it is organized by personnel and function. §211.22(a) does the quality assurance unit alone have both the authority and responsibility to approve or reject all components, drug product containers and closures, in-process materials, packaging materials, labeling and drug products? if any portion of testing is performed by a contractor, has the quality assurance unit inspected the contractor’s site and verified that the laboratory space, equipment, qualified personnel and procedures are adequate? §211.63 is all equipment used to manufacture, process or hold a drug product of appropriate design and size for its intended use? are the following pieces of equipment suitable for their purpose?

are the following pieces of equipment suitable in their size/capacity? are the following pieces of equipment suitable in their design? are the locations in the facility of the following pieces of equipment acceptable? are the following pieces of equipment properly installed? blender(s), conveyor(s), tablet, presses, capsule fillers, bottle fillers, other (specify). §211.65(b) are design and operating precautions taken to ensure that lubricants or coolants or other operating substances do not come into contact with drug components or finished product? §211.67(a)(b) are written procedures available for each piece of equipment used in the manufacturing, processing or holding of components, in-process material or finished product? §211.105(b) are all pieces of equipment also marked with an identification number that corresponds with an entry in an equipment log?