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guest checklist template is a guest checklist sample that gives infomration on guest checklist design and format. when designing guest checklist example, it is important to consider guest checklist template style, design, color and theme. you finished your interior design before the holidays — what a glorious feeling! to help maximize your guests’ stay, we’ve created a checklist of ten guest room must-haves. a basket can hold extra blankets or towels and act as an extra decor piece in a space. if you don’t have a closet, an over-the-door hanger or wall hooks can easily solve the problem. a simple luggage rack can take care of this problem if your room is lacking an empty dresser and closet. even if you enjoy a phone-free night of rest, we live in a world where 71% of people sleep near or with their phones, so having a nightstand with an accompanying outlet or extension cord is another guest room necessity.

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we also recommend having a clock with an alarm sitting on the nightstand so guests who prefer sleeping without their phones can still have the convenience of knowing the time and setting an alarm if they choose. whether your guest needs to dispose of a tag from a newly purchased dress or one of those tissues you so conveniently provided, they shouldn’t have to search for the nearest wastebasket. placing a full-length mirror in your guest room can be super easy. because those staying with you will find themselves in an unfamiliar space, having a nightlight can help your guests avoid stumbling around at night. choose something warm and inviting and place it a couple of days prior to your guests arriving. once you’ve completed the checklist, your guest room is ready to accept all family and friends for the holidays.

it’s a great way to find quirks about the space you never would have otherwise. if your guest bed is a ratty old futon you wouldn’t sleep on in a million years, why would you expect your guests to? they might not be as enamored with the world’s largest ball of twine as you are, but at least offering the chance to see it is a good host move. the last thing a guest wants to do is sheepishly ask their host for a plunger or an extra roll of toilet paper. ask your guests about their food preferences before they visit, and make sure you pick up a few items with them in mind on your next trip to the grocery store.

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an inexpensive bouquet of flowers (roughly $4 at any supermarket) in a small vase in the guest room is a warm and inviting touch that instantly adds a sense of vibrancy to a guest room. as a concession to our always-on society, jotting down the wi-fi network and password on a piece of paper in the guest room ensures your guests unfettered access to all of their twitterfaces and spacebooks. have a plate of something to munch on (cheese and crackers, chips and guacamole, etc.) if your guests like wine, you don’t have to buy a budget-busting bottle to impress them. having guests does require a little bit of work, but it’s a true labor of love and pays huge dividends.

from preparing a comfortable bed and delicious meals to offering extra personal touches, here’s how to prepare your home for overnight guests and make them feel welcome first, you need to make some general preparations around the home. with the arrival of guests, you want everything to be in tip-top shape, and this goes for hand-me-down, heirloom furniture and antiques, too. since you will be celebrating at your home for the holidays, be sure to deck the halls and make your home more festive. whether your guests are staying one brief night or hunkering down with you throughout the holiday season, take time to prepare their designated bedroom and bathroom. place a welcome gift basket in the guest bedroom to let them know you appreciate them making the journey and to make them feel at home.

that way, when they crave a midnight snack, your guests won’t have to leave the room and scrounge through your kitchen. hang a few plush robes in the bathroom as well, inviting them to take their time and relax after a long day of traveling. in other words, as much as you may love the company of your closest family and friends, after a while, things can turn. whether it was a big anniversary, job promotion or a new addition to the family, share in the year’s events and catch up on everyone’s lives. and it doesn’t have to be a big task! if you live on the west coast where the weather is still sunny, head to the beach or pack a picnic.