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handover list template is a handover list sample that gives infomration on handover list design and format. when designing handover list example, it is important to consider handover list template style, design, color and theme. however, when they do, it is vital that the job handover is well orchestrated to avoid disruptions to business operations. regardless of the circumstances under which an employee leaves, a poorly handled job handover can be detrimental to your organisation. a handover note is a document written by an outgoing employee for the successor that details the daily tasks and responsibilities of their position. it should be used as a guide for the incoming person on how to perform the job duties. it ensures professionalism in the job handover process as they detail their standard daily job duties and any other important information the next employee will need to know. although the notice period can vary in every situation, aim to start the process in the first week of notification and have the handover note ready during the week of the employee’s last day. ideally, the new employee should have joined the team before the departing employee leaves so that information can be passed on directly.

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the handover note must be extensive and provide an easy-to-follow guide. if possible, have someone shadow the leaving employee for a period of time to understand their schedule, so they can explain to the new employee accurately and in detail. communicating the responsibilities clearly and clarifying your expectations to the newcomer is vital, as it keeps them motivated, provides them with a disciplinary structure, and identifies future areas of development. the purpose of a job handover is to ensure the transition to the new employee is smooth and business operations are not affected. in light of the growing economic uncertainties, business leaders should consider outplacement as an option to smooth out redundancies. our experience has shown that a proper job handover requires attention and forward-thinking. download our job handover list template to ensure a smooth job handover process.