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heavy equipment maintenance schedule template is a heavy equipment maintenance schedule sample that gives infomration on heavy equipment maintenance schedule design and format. when designing heavy equipment maintenance schedule example, it is important to consider heavy equipment maintenance schedule template style, design, color and theme. for any construction company to be profitable, their heavy machinery must be well maintained and in proper working order. the best way to implement a preventative maintenance plan is by performing daily and hourly maintenance checks. a heavy equipment maintenance checklist helps to keep fleet managers and heavy equipment operators accountable and extends the equipment life expectancy. that’s why it is best to schedule preventive maintenance based on hours in operation instead of by date. cloud-based construction fleet management software allows you to view important data about your fleet and drivers all from your phone, tablet or computer. this includes a variety of hands-on and visual inspections before, during, and after operating the heavy equipment.

heavy equipment maintenance schedule overview

operators should note any issues as soon as they are noticed so they can be addressed in a timely manner. this involves a number of checks and actions: while the checklist above will help with preventative maintenance and be a great addition to any maintenance plan, we recommend cross-referencing these checklist items and frequencies with the ones listed in the manual for each piece of heavy equipment. buy-in from machine operators and sub-contractors is a huge asset when it comes to any preventive maintenance program, as they are the ones to carry out the daily checks. this type of information is useful when it comes to future maintenance or repairs and helps fleet managers be more effective. tread.io is a fleet management software that collects valuable fleet and driver data, which can assist with preventive maintenance scheduling, dispatching, and management. accurate operating hours are recorded so preventive construction equipment maintenance can be better managed and scheduled. in addition, our truck dispatch management software allows construction materials to be moved faster and at a lower operating cost.

regular maintenance is essential for keeping your fleet on the job and functioning at a high level. use the following heavy equipment preventive maintenance checklist to guide your fleet service practices and ensure you cover all the bases. this inspection should include the lights and brakes to ensure the machine is safe to operate. for example, a wheeled model will require a check of the tires to ensure they’re inflated properly and aren’t showing signs of wear. rubber tracks require a check of the track, tension and torsion axles. the machine’s cab should be comfortable and enable the operator to move freely. it’s also important to clean the windshield and windows to ensure a clear field of vision.

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heavy equipment maintenance schedule guide

adhering to these best practices can help you get the most out of your maintenance efforts and reduce equipment operating costs. recording all maintenance-related activities allows you to keep track of your efforts, reduces the likelihood of missing vital steps and helps you stay on schedule. for instance, you may need to have a certified provider handle maintenance and repairs. it’s crucial to read and understand the document when you purchase the equipment. keeping to a regular maintenance schedule is easier and more convenient when you already have what you need to handle the job. knowing how much you’re spending on maintenance and comparing it to the machine’s present value can help you decide when to part ways with a member of your fleet. we also carry a vast inventory of replacement parts for your do-it-yourself maintenance and repair projects.

this guide will show you how to save money and extend the life cycle of your equipment with regular maintenance best practices. thorough knowledge of your machinery’s systems is the key to anticipating what’s likely to fail if proper maintenance is ignored. listening to them and appreciating their input is a wise preventive maintenance strategy. testing can be a part of training as well to ensure operators have acquired the right skills including pre and post operation maintenance tasks. following factory-recommended maintenance intervals and keeping precise records is important not just for economical operation of your machinery, but also to protect your warranty.

routine and regular interval servicing should be written in a booklet kept in your maintenance facility or even in the machine itself. a heavy equipment maintenance checklist is highly recommended to aid in remembering tasks and ticking them off as servicing is complete. cat condition monitoring is a proactive approach to collecting and analyzing data crucial to the health of your fleet. condition monitoring by macallister machinery is a comprehensive service designed to accurately assess the health and activity of your heavy equipment. account holders also get access to exclusive offers, earn cat card rewards on qualifying purchases* and enjoy no annual fee.