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q: before our monthly board meetings, agendas are provided to each owner the week before the meeting. we know that agenda notification for a special open meeting must be provided to the community four days before the meeting. does the agenda have to be delivered to each owner or is posting on a bulletin board sufficient? — e.k., oceanside a: civil code sections 4920(a)(d) and 4930(a) require that agendas be posted four days before the board meeting and prohibit board discussions on items not disclosed (with some exceptions based on urgency). so, absent further guidance from the legislature or courts, a notice could be posted less than 96 hours before a meeting, so long as it is four calendar days before the day of the meeting. per civil code section 4920(c), the announcement is by “general delivery.” general delivery per civil code section 4045 includes (among other methods) posting the announcement in the location announced by the hoa for notices. is the only recourse to elect a new board and hope they’ll do a better job?

— b.h., alhambra civil code section 4930(a) is quite clear: “…the board may not discuss or take action on any item… unless the item was placed on the agenda…” a failure to comply with the requirement could open the board to an argument that all of its actions are not proper corporate actions and could be set aside. q: i’ve asked our hoa to add a short description (one to two sentences) for each agenda item on the regular monthly agenda. the response has been, “there is ample time to ask questions when the item comes up for discussion/action.” i want to know ahead of the meeting if there is a topic/agenda item i’m interested in so i can decide if i want to watch (zoom) or attend the meeting. — l.o., nipomo a: the “agenda posting” requirement is designed to help homeowners decide if they wish to attend a given board meeting. that might include  a few words, such as “review landscaping performance” or “consider painting bids.” it’s not only required by law but is also a good idea to build community trust in the board. is a fellow of the college of community association lawyers and partner of richardson ober denichilo llp, a law firm known for community association advice. we reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us, and to disclose any information necessary to satisfy the law, regulation, or government request.

and yet, it’s almost impossible to organize the association without bringing board members, the hoa manager, and residents together at least a couple of times a year. now, the call does not have to be formal in any way. that said, there should be a point at which you or another board member calls the meeting to order. the review also sets the tone for the meeting, as it highlights what the board will have to decide on during this meeting. the number of reports will depend on the size of your hoa, and the number of projects the association is currently working on. doing so will allow you to resolve all the concerns, or move those items to future meeting agendas, and make space for new items on the agenda. most likely, there are new issues or projects that the hoa needs to address, and this is the time to do it.

the purpose of this section of the meeting is to bring everyone’s attention to any new business in the hoa and make decisions about how the association will handle it. however, be mindful that the open forum is only a platform for voicing concerns. if that applies to your state, you may need to include the issue in the next meeting’s agenda, and discuss it then. anything that would be discussed after the adjournment would not be considered a part of this particular meeting. and, as we mentioned above, with some exceptions, the board is not allowed to discuss issues that aren’t on the agenda. however, you must post at least a general agenda for the session. hoalife is the first and only hoa management software dedicated solely to assisting boards and managers with inspections and cc&r enforcement.

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the detailed hoa board agenda template. if you’d prefer a more formal approach, roman numerals and all, this detailed template from hoasupport. an agenda of items to be discussed or acted upon by the board at a board meeting must be included within the notice of meeting that is provided to the since each hoa is different, the items discussed at every meeting will vary. add to that the fact that state law requires that meeting agendas, hoa meeting procedures, hoa annual meeting, hoa meeting minutes, condominium annual meeting agenda.

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