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associations are obligated to keep minutes of board and membership meetings and some committee meetings. corporations must keep written minutes of the proceedings of their board meetings. associations must keep minutes of their annual and special membership meetings. a written record must be kept of an architectural committee’s recommendations and decisions. that does not necessarily mean minutes. do not need to keep minutes. minutes should be kept on file in 3-ring binders (or some similar binder) with the association’s name on the binder and the dates covered by the minutes. failure to allow inspection can result in penalties against the association. draft open board minutes within 30 days of the meeting. the appointment of an “assistant secretary” should be recorded in the minutes so as to facilitate insurance coverage.

in small committees, the chair usually acts as secretary but in large committees and standing committees a secretary may be chosen to keep minutes. with the board’s permission, the secretary may record open board meetings to assist in the preparation of minutes. what should not be in the minutes. minutes should reflect decisions and the reasons for those decisions, not conversations. see sample minutes. as a rule, minutes should record what was done at a meeting, not what was said. contract proposals reviewed by the board are generally not attached to the minutes. documents may be attached to and made part of the minutes but only with board approval. the purpose of minutes is to record the official business of the board not act as an outlet for grievances. draft minutes of open board meetings must be made available to the membership within 30 days.

although by no means glamorous, hoa board meeting minutes are an all-important piece of the hoa puzzle. in that case, the official secretary will still need to sign the minutes, and the minutes should take note of the change. the hoa meeting agenda will give you a good sense of the motions, proposals and other key actions and activities that are to come. it’s also important to note whether the association’s lawyer is present, as the attorney-client privilege will extend to certain communications referred to in the minutes. the minutes should also take note of the directors’ votes on each motion.

equally important, and for the same reasons, it is important to exclude letters and any other correspondence. the general advice given in robert’s rules is that the minutes should serve as a record only of the final form of the key actions. the secretary should sign the meeting minutes of any community association board meeting to acknowledge that they have been seen and recorded by the board. if you are planning to record community association board meetings, it’s important to check state laws, as well as the community bylaws to ensure you are legally allowed to record. so remember these key points: always have the secretary (often the board chair) or designated assistant secretary take down the minutes; use the hoa meeting agenda, and in some cases a literal recording, to help prepare; follow robert’s rules’ with an initial paragraph that covers the context, a set of action-based middle paragraphs, and a final paragraph with the adjournment time; exclude commentary and opinion; make the minutes (and the rights associated with them) readily available afterward; and consult with robert’s rules and your state’s regulations for greater details and important exceptions. if you are a homeowner in a planned community, there is a good chance that you will have to pay special assessments at some… building safety is vital for the people who live and work in a building.

during meetings for your hoa, the minutes are a record of all actions taken during the proceedings between members. this is a requirement with any homeowners meeting minutes are meant to be a record of what has happened at a homeowners association (hoa) meeting. this includes regularly scheduled hoa meeting minutes are an official record of the actions taken by board members at a board meeting. meeting minutes should be brief, objective, and reflect, condo association annual meeting minutes, condo association annual meeting minutes, association meeting minutes, illegal hoa board meeting, hoa meeting signs.

minutes are required. minutes are the official records of the proceedings of an organization (corp. code § 8320) and prima facie evidence of the board’s corporations are legally required to keep written minutes of board meetings. (corp. code § 8320.) as discussed below, minutes of hoa board meetings must be by most statutes, the association must distribute or otherwise make the minutes available to association members within 30 days of the open, hoa special meeting notice template, example of condo board meeting minutes, hoa agenda template, cai meeting minutes.

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