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hr audit report template is a hr audit report sample that gives infomration on hr audit report design and format. when designing hr audit report example, it is important to consider hr audit report template style, design, color and theme. designed and delivered by hr experts to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to drive lasting change in the workplace. overview background rationale for conducting an hr audit types of audits what to audit when to audit what to expect costs of an audit who should conduct an audit the hr audit process: a model human resource audits can help identify whether an hr department’s specific practice areas or processes are adequate, legal and effective. an hr audit can be structured to be either comprehensive or specifically focused, within the constraints of time, budgets and staff. some of the more common types are: deciding what to audit depends largely on the perceived weaknesses in the organization’s hr environment, the type of audit decided on and the available resources.

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the actual cost of an hr audit depends on the scope of the review, the number of people interviewed and the size of the audit team. hr must develop a list of specific questions to ensure that the questionnaire is complete. in addition to a formal report, the audit team should discuss the results of the audit with employees in the hr department, as well as with the senior management team, so that everyone is aware of necessary changes and that approvals can be obtained quickly. likewise, organizations should keep track of the audit findings and changes made, turnover, complaints filed, hotline issues, and employee survey results to identify trends in the organization’s employment-related issues.

it can provide a road map for needed changes to hr policies, procedures, and metrics to boost performance of human capital in the organization. we suggest conducting a three-part, three-year hr audit, where each area is the sole focus of the hr audit for that year. the next area is practices related to the recruitment, selection, hiring, and promotion processes. we conduct a review of your i-9 process to assess whether forms are completed within the required timeframes, whether individuals completing the form i-9 on behalf of the company are appropriately trained and review a sample of the forms to look for errors. employers that incorrectly classify employees’ positions as exempt from overtime are subject to back-pay of overtime and penalties should an employee file a complaint or the dol audit the employer. we review your fmla process and forms used to ensure that you are providing notice in the required timeframes.

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if you are a smaller employer and not subject to cobra, does your state law require action for continuation of benefits? these are just a few questions hr and the organization must analyze for every position. we review your compensation strategies to make recommendations for creating a performance-based culture that is fair and equitable. these are seven steps to take before an employee leaves the organization (even if amicably). you will need to collect data related to each of those areas and review the data for compliance issues, errors, or other suboptimal activity. conduct the analysis on a “bucket” basis so that your analysis is thorough and complete before moving on to the next area. if you have questions about the hr audit process, how to conduct one, or what to look for in an hr auditor, our team is happy to answer any question you may have and can be contacted using the information below.

here are some common hr audit findings and tips on how to address them: â hr records are important for many reasons, including compliance with legal requirements, tracking employee performance and development, and making informed hr decisions. additionally, we develop policies and procedures for maintaining records and provide training to hr staff on these policies and procedures to ensure adherence. tip: stellar hr will develop standardized hiring practices based on objective criteria that will be consistently applied to all job openings. we will ensure that all candidates undergo the same evaluation process, and background checks will be conducted in a consistent and objective manner. we will ensure that performance evaluations are based on objective criteria, and employees receive a fair and unbiased review.

tip: as stellar hr, we will conduct a comprehensive review of our employment policies and practices to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. tip: stellar hr will develop a comprehensive training and development program that includes both job-related and career-related training opportunities. we will ensure that all employees have access to training and development opportunities, and we will provide training on a regular basis. visit our offices at feruzi towers, 6th floor, kiambu road, thindigwa area, to start a better future. use stellar hr to succeed.