ideation workshop agenda

as per the nielsen norman group, ideation is the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, with no attempt to judge or evaluate them. the main goal of an ideation session is to spark innovation. a successful ideation workshop will bring you one step closer to the optimal solution. it can be tempting to keep things within the design team, but effective ideation requires a diverse mix of perspectives.

it’s the facilitator’s job to put everyone at ease and emphasize that the workshop is a judgment-free zone! the goal of an ideation session is to generate as many ideas as possible. bodystorming, for example, is one of the more physical ideation methods. while an ideation session is not the time to evaluate ideas or judge their plausibility, you can ask your ideators to vote on their favorite ideas simply by a show of hands. your ideation workshop should leave you with a pool of new ideas to work from.

over the past couple of years i’ve discovered the need for a new weapon in my product design arsenal: a short, effective ideation workshop to solve a specific user problem. instead, it’s focused on generating a wide range of ideas from participants in a short space of time. if you’re a product designer, this should be most of your cross-functional team and any key stakeholders who can green-light ideas. keeping a balance of ux, product and engineering is essential for the effort vs value task. the cross pollination between disciplines will also lead to a wide range of ideas.

you’ll be the facilitator, making sure everything runs smoothly and on time to maximise the two hours. some people might be new to this so explain what ideation is. remind everyone that this will be used for generating ideas. after the first round, have participants explain their best idea to the person sat next to them for no more than a minute. work as a team to identify ideas that require the least technical effort whilst bringing the most value to the user and business. i hope you’ve found this useful and can see a use for it when you next need to solve a user problem.

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