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internal audit schedule template is a internal audit schedule sample that gives infomration on internal audit schedule design and format. when designing internal audit schedule example, it is important to consider internal audit schedule template style, design, color and theme. in this video, i’m going to run through how to write an internal audit schedule, using a template from the website that is free to download if you need. what we really want to talk about here is getting the greatest return on investment of your internal audit process. one of the things we want to talk about in more detail, is taking a better approach so that it is a risk based internal audit schedule, and therefore you are putting your attention and focus in the right place. you know your business and can look back or think about areas that have bought concern, or caused issues with customers or the supply chain. if critical suppliers are a fundamental part of your business and they could potentially cause additional risk or weakness in your workplace or the services you provide to your clients, then you must consider them as a critical process within your business.

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you want greater return on your investment, that time you put in to doing the audits should not just be about ticking boxes to satisfy an external auditor, you must move beyond that. it’s about getting that return on investment so that you can drive improvements in your business and give you confidence that the actions you’ve taken to correct weaknesses are working well. when you look at your audits, processes and risks, think about grading them and making a case for how often you should be auditing them. so low risk things, it maybe that you don’t have to audit them at all. critical typically will be only a handful of processes or activities or procedures that are really fundamentally critical to what you do, and you know that they have a critical risk level in your business, if not well controlled. these you may decide to do two or three times a year to give you more focus on the things that are important to your organisation.

what the standard does require is that the audit program be planned. the standard states that the audits will be administered with a plan to show that the qms complies to the standard, complies to how the process was planned, and complies to any internal requirements your company established. once again, begin with your high level process interaction diagram (or the document created to comply with clause 4.1.b) where the processes and their interrelationships have been identified. this is the document that describes the processes to be audited. these are the processes that your company must make certain remain stable and consistent. now we can look at the rest of the processes and their audit results. did any audit results show several minor findings during the course of an audit? increasing the audit frequency is a question that should be answered within your audit results. but we’ll cover that on the internal audit report page.

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develop a form that is suitable for your company. how frequently will audits be conducted? you decide what works best for your organization. our example shows a monthly audit schedule. key processes should have an increased audit frequency. from the example audit schedule, the organization determined that the design and development process,and the assembly process were the key processes and as such, scheduled these processes for 2 audits per year. the finished internal audit schedule is shown below. again, the internal audit schedule must show that all processes your company has identified appear on the audit schedule. instead, they chose to audit these topics as support processes to every process on their schedule.

the process is intended to be an interactive one; the following will provide information that promotes an understanding of the process and everyone’s role in the review. the development of this audit plan and the individual audits that will be performed is a multi-step process. the auditor-in-charge will hold a meeting with the department head/administrator or others affected by the review. the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the audit process, the general scope, and anticipated timing. preliminary survey – the auditor will review documented policies and procedures and interview departmental staff members to become familiar with the department’s operations. fieldwork – based on the results of the preliminary survey, the testing to be performed will be defined. the auditor will hold an exit conference with department personnel.

an initial draft will be presented to the department head for review and comment. the department head will be asked to submit written responses to each finding, outlining the planned action to address the finding, the person(s) responsible and a planned date of implementation. these responses will be incorporated into the draft. a draft report, with department responses incorporated, will be issued to the appropriate vice president for review and comment. at a minimum, the appropriate vice president and department head will receive copies of the final report. our office will contact the department to request the status of actions taken or the status of planned actions. audit testing will be performed as necessary to determine the extent to which the actions taken address the concerns of the audit point.