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international travel checklist template is a international travel checklist sample that gives infomration on international travel checklist design and format. when designing international travel checklist example, it is important to consider international travel checklist template style, design, color and theme. to help travelers in need of a traveling abroad checklist as they prepare to head overseas, we’ve compiled an essential checklist for international travel, including a travel packing list that you can download and print to use at your convenience. depending on your destination and your travel history, some vaccinations may be recommended while others may be required items for your traveling abroad checklist. be sure to check with your primary health insurance provider to see if you might need medical coverage for your trip and consider adding a travel protection plan to your checklist.

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if you have a travel protection plan for your trip, be sure to bring information about your plan and contact numbers in case you need to contact the insurance company or assistance services provider. you never know when you might be without wi-fi or low on international data so we recommended downloading important files such as your essential travel documents, maps, guidebooks and anything else you might need from music files to in-flight movies. try out this checklist for international travel for your next trip abroad and depart for your preferred destination knowing you’re prepared. as part of the worldwide generali group we have rebranded our travel protection plans to generali global assistance, offering the same quality travel insurance, emergency assistance and outstanding customer service as you’ve come to rely on for the last 25 years.

if this is your first time traveling internationally and you don’t have a passport yet, apply as soon as possible. a critical item on the international travel checklist is to check visa requirements well before your trip, possibly even before you book. we tend to err on the side of caution because who wants to get sick and have their vacation ruined? this is particularly important if you have limited time in a destination and certain attractions on your must-see list. getting out to explore on our own time and route is one of our favorite things about travel.

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it’s also a good idea to have a pin number for your credit cards. if you are traveling as a couple, it is good idea for each of you to carry copies of both passports, just in case. rules are always changing, so check out the transportation security administration’s website for a list of what you can bring on the plane and for the latest security measures. for more of our hard-learned packing advice check out our packing tips article and our suggestions for vacation essentials to have in your carry-on. 2. insure you have enough medication for your travel and a day or two extras for possible delays. we’re here to help you uncover unique attractions, find delicious food, and get the most out of your precious vacation time.