iso 45001 audit plan template

iso 45001 audit plan template is a iso 45001 audit plan sample that gives infomration on iso 45001 audit plan design and format. when designing iso 45001 audit plan example, it is important to consider iso 45001 audit plan template style, design, color and theme. this is the iso 45001 audit you are subjected to, in order to determine whether you should be awarded your certificate for the first time. the basic objective of the stage 1 audit is to determine if you’re ready for the stage 2 iso 45001 audit. these need to be addressed before moving to the iso 45001 stage 2 audit or they will be considered to be nonconformities at the stage 2 audit and could harm your chances of being awarded certification. the overall purpose is to determine if your iso 45001 occupational health and safety management system is compliant with the standard and whether you can be awarded certification.

iso 45001 audit plan overview

what happens in the stage 2 audit?this is the most thorough audit of your iso 45001 occupational health and safety management system. failure to be recommended for iso 45001 certification on the day does not necessarily mean that the auditor will have to visit and audit you again. what happens in the annual surveillance audit?on an annual surveillance audit, the auditor will take a similar approach to that of the stage 2 iso 45001 audit. in order to maintain your iso 45001 certification, in year three, you get a thorough recertification audit similar to the original stage 2 audit. what happens in the recertification audit?the recertification audit is more comprehensive than the surveillance audits and similar to the stage 2 iso 45001 audit.

we take a look at the world of iso standards, what they can do for your company and how to plan an audit in the iso 45001 standard. the iso 45001 standard refers to the occupational health and safety management system (ohs) within a company. the iso 45001:2018 certification process is intended to get your oh&s management system where it’s supposed to be and to fulfill its purpose: to keep the workers in your company safe and healthy. in order to get your iso 45001 certification, you have to prepare for internal and external audits.

iso 45001 audit plan format

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iso 45001 audit plan guide

when it comes to getting the iso 45001 certification, your internal audit process should tell you if your company is ready to be audited by an external body and achieve the certification. the best way to prepare for an external audit that can get you your iso 45001 certification is to have your employees ready for it, as they provide the most valuable evidence to the auditor. let your staff know when the audit takes place and encourage them to respond in an open and sincere way. check that everything around your company works properly and show that you have a regular system of monitoring the state of your machinery, of the cleanliness of the premises, and so on. before you start the audit and certification process, it’s recommended to get in touch with a representative of a certification body.

in addition, you should ensure that consideration is given to the status and importance of the processes that comprise the audit programme and the results of previous audits. planning of internal audits should take into account the safety criticality of the processes, the results of previous audits and assessments (from all sources), and the implemented safety risk controls. the internal audit process can be used to determine both compliance and effectiveness.

workers must be included in the audit process and the development of the audit programme. our templates will help you to assess the status of your existing health and safety management system and identify process weakness to allow a targeted approach to prioritizing corrective action to drive improvement. the purpose of the internal auditing procedure is to define your organization’s process for undertaking management system internal audits, process audits and legislation audits in order to assess the effectiveness of the application of our health and safety management system and its compliance to iso 45001:2018. this procedure also defines the responsibilities for planning and conducting audits, reporting results and retaining associated records. we are 100% confident in the quality and contents of our products.