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it offboarding checklist template is a it offboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on it offboarding checklist design and format. when designing it offboarding checklist example, it is important to consider it offboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. we are independent and do what it takes to get the job done. what should be returned to the safety of the corporate infrastructure? this is your single source of truth and, in many cases, the access point to many other internal and external systems. make sure you also close the accounts of saas tools that are behind the sso login. tip: it is good practice to review your vpn and remote access logs once in a while, making sure nothing has fallen between the cracks.

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to ensure business continuity, it is important to forward the emails of the departing employee to a colleague or a manager, at least temporarily. it is good practice to create an automatic reply on behalf of the departing employee, letting the sender know his email will be addressed by a new employee. to save costs, make sure you reclaim the saas licenses of departing employees. keeping an up-to-date list that matches the credit cards and their saas app’s billing records is critical if you would like to ensure business continuity. once you have this list in place, you need to make sure you regularly update new cards and apps on the list. if you want to gain a better understanding of the way that your employees are using technology throughout their entire time at your organization, you should consider a saas management platform.

offboarding technical employees can be a complex and arduous process with a lot of moving parts. offboarding technical employees typically requires working with it and hr to revoke access to multiple systems, recover equipment, and help former employees exit on good terms. if your offboarding process doesn’t give you confidence that former staff no longer have access to your organization’s infrastructure, then chances are your environment is sprinkled with security gaps. not to mention that bad actors may discover forgotten keys, certificates, and “zombie credentials.”  removing access is especially important for it and security staff. this can cause hr and it to struggle to coordinate the who-what-where of technical staff termination. effective offboarding of technical staff is a dance between hr, it, and management.

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it offboarding checklist guide, an automotive fintech company, uses strongdm to simplify the offboarding process for technical staff that need access to databases, servers, and kubernetes clusters. makespace used strongdm to replace a dozen scripts with a single command when offboarding technical staff. successful offboarding begins with thoughtful onboarding, which can be simplified by using role-based access control and the principle of least privilege. a final step in the offboarding process is regular auditing. bad actors and disgruntled employees will always pose a threat to data security. in philosophy from the university of california, berkeley.

a resignation letter is placed on your desk, and the employee tells you they’re moving on. all you’ve got to do is make sure the employee’s outplacement is managed legally, fairly and properly. in particular, make sure the employee’s direct team, managers and subordinates know what’s going on, as well as payroll and it, who will have a few offboarding processes to carry out themselves. when you don’t have a successor ready to go, you’re going to have to create documents, processes and contact lists ready for the replacement to use once you’ve filled the position.

the trick is to make someone responsible for recovering the assets. make sure your org charts and directories are up to date, with the employee’s replacement details included to ensure a smooth transition. payroll systems have this functionality built in, but it’s important to make sure the final pay process is actually carried out by payroll. the amount of documentation you provide to the employee will depend on the circumstances of their separation, but you’ll be legally obliged to provide final pay information, a certificate of service and contracts if requested, so be prepared. of course, to ensure both of these things happen, you’re going to need to make sure the employee has a very positive offboarding experience.