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joining checklist template is a joining checklist sample that gives infomration on joining checklist design and format. when designing joining checklist example, it is important to consider joining checklist template style, design, color and theme. onboarding of new employees has many aspects associated with it. preparing the necessary organisation policies, forms, formats, procedures and processes in line with the requirements results in a seamless workflow. a systematic & sequential approach can be followed by including the below mentioned in your procedures and checklists: the company should maintain the letter of acceptance of employment, duly signed by the candidate for record purposes. the below details should be sought upon confirmation of employment and joining: · (details of the above 2 are to be asked only if the organisation has benefit plans or facilities to be extended to them) certified copies, photocopies or originals are collected depending on the document’s nature and its relevance to the employment. it is also essential to choose the insurance and medical policy that the employer has to cover for. forward new employee details to the information technology department (if any) for allotment of desktop, laptop, cell phones and/or other devices relevant to the job.

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if a programme is already scheduled, inform the new employee about the necessary requirements and procedures. a delay in the process could result in having to resort to other forms of salary disbursements for the initial months. an office tour explaining the flow of processes will give a bird’s eye view of the organisation. in cases where the new joiners are not nationals of india, it is in the employer’s best interest to record the passport details and check that the person is holding a valid work visa permit. in the case of newly appointed employees, employers will have to fill and submit the declaration form to the concerned local office soon after the appointment. in that case, a certificate of employment as form 86 can be issued to enable them to avail cash and / or medical benefits.

not only will a checklist ensure a smooth onboarding process, but your new hire will also have a great first impression of your organization. the email should create a positive impression and set the new hire up for success from day one. you don’t want your new hire to feel like you are not prepared for them. because this is the essential period of adaptation, it is really important to help the new employee and not overwhelm them.

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during the first month, you should be reviewing how the employee performs and check their feelings about their new job. an onboarding checklist organizes the steps to prepare for a new employee starting in an organisation for managers and hr. an onboarding checklist will vary in length depending on the role and the company hiring process, but it should cover everything from orientation to getting the new employee adjusted in their new role. include specific details about pre-onboarding a new employee, what equipment they will need, what their first day will look like, how to introduce them to their team and the company, and how to set them up for success in their new role. the template will help you ensure a smooth onboarding process and make a great first impression of your organization for the new hire.

but an effective, modern onboarding process aims to build a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship between employees and your company. an employee onboarding checklist is a guide for helping new hires acclimate to their workplace. you can offload remembering the mundane (but necessary) items, and dedicate more time to meeting your new hire and showcasing company culture. this phase is an opportunity to knock out the necessary paperwork required for new hires to start work on day one. be sure to personalize your communications with the employee’s name and the relevant details about their role.

but the why of orientation doesn’t change: to provide new employees a foundation for success in their new job. employees who joined a company post-pandemic are the most at risk of disengagement and turnover, with only 52.5% feeling highly engaged. employees who strongly agree they have a clear plan for their professional development are 3.5 times more likely to strongly agree that their onboarding process was exceptional. when a new hire signs their offer letter, the onboarding clock starts ticking. an effective onboarding solution results in easier workflows and better communication, helping new employees connect more quickly with their coworkers and your company. help make your new hire’s first day memorable in the best way possible with less process and more human connection.