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this is a wave you have to catch! that original file is a “.band” file, which then is used by the engineer to extract all the individual wav file tracks for each book chapter. the main point here is if you’re using acx to publish your audiobook, the mp3 files that you upload to acx will go to both itunes and audible and you don’t have to do any conversion to m4b files to get your audiobook on itunes. 2) you have to be familiar with the recording specifications that acx insists upon (if you’re recording for acx) this means you’ll have to find a great audio engineer to master your files. let’s say that you want to take the plunge and record your own audiobook. here’s a great little video of the actual recording setup i used in my dining room to record my audiobook version of recording audiobooks. both of these platforms, however, are going to require you to negotiate a deal to be published on them, while on acx you can simply upload your book and start selling audiobooks. the acx bounty is a $50 payment made to you when someone signs up for an audible listener membership and they buy your audiobook as their first purchase.

plus, below is a list of websites (both free and paid) where you can post your audiobook to help promote it and ask for feedback. audiobook jukebox  â†’ audio jukebox hosts a number of audiobooks on their site, and the best part is you don’t have to give up your free audible download codes in exchange for a review! sell more in a day than any other audiobook in your category and you get the bestseller tag. with regards to training on audible, i know of the twins and derek doepker`s. an outstanding question i have: is it possible to start with an audiobook instead of first publishing either an ebook or a paperback? i know this is about making audiobooks but i can ‘t seem to get anyone in the know to give me their opinion on this. if audiobook producing fits your interests and talents, it can be a fun, satisfying is a good time to be an indie (author & narrator)! if you already have your ebook on direct2digital they can even save the setup fee… non-exclusive and goes further than any other aggregator i know of, including to acx. i am exclusive to acx and i hire the same narrator that i met on acx.

the media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. if you want to hear a sample, head on over to my book’s mini-site and have a listen. great results, but a lot acx is to audible audiobooks as kindle direct publishing is to kindle ebooks. acx hosts the audiobook and kindle e-reader online mockup preview image. load template. tags: book , how to create an audiobook for amazon, how to create an audiobook for amazon, audible submission requirements, how to make a book into an audiobook, amazon audio books.

if you need to know how to make an audiobook, we have a step-by-step to cut through the noise, harness the amazon algorithm for exposure, and this is your “retail audio sample. this sample is used by customers to preview of your audiobook. back to top. each file must contain only one chapter or example of acceptable cover art audible may choose to include an additional graphic on the lower right corner of , how to record audiobooks for audible, audiobook sample rate, audiobook sample rate, audio book reader, audible submissions

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