launch readiness template

launch readiness template is a launch readiness sample that gives infomration on launch readiness design and format. when designing launch readiness example, it is important to consider launch readiness template style, design, color and theme. those terrified by the thought of planning the next product launch understand that expectations are high and failure is not an option. chen is under enormous pressure to make the launch of widget 3.0 a success. with a little luck, something will stick and cause the market to take notice and buy in droves. management’s expectations for the success of a product launch are usually too high. the lack of organizational launch readiness is a point that many product launch planners fail to fully appreciate.

launch readiness overview

the launch readiness assessment is a tool used by the launch manager as a guide to determine how ready a functional area is to support the sale and service of a product. consider the sales team in the preceding product launch story. when conducted ahead of a product launch, the launch readiness assessment provides context and rationale to management for actions recommended in the product launch plan. in our example, one of the launch goals for widget 3.0 is to achieve $9 million in revenue in the first nine months. when the three critical dimensions of a product launch are understood, an effective product launch plan can be developed that demonstrates how the launch goals will be achieved and how launch readiness gaps will be addressed, something that is not possible to capture in a generic product launch checklist. since 1993, we’ve issued over 250,000 product management and product marketing certifications to professionals at companies around the globe.

it’s the one question that strikes fear into product launch planners. your ceo wants to know if your organization will be ready to achieve business results. the reality is you will do the best you can with the time and resources available. but is there ever an ideal state of launch readiness? think of prepare as the set of activities to get your organization to a state of launch readiness. will you be able to answer “yes” to the ceo’s question? any functional area that isn’t ready puts the entire state of readiness in jeopardy. you need three things to get to a state of launch readiness.

launch readiness format

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launch readiness guide

two is the ideal state of launch readiness. and three is the current state of launch readiness. that gap is what sets in motion the set of activities and deliverables that go into a launch readiness plan. but what if you can’t achieve the ideal readiness state? you should always strive to achieve an ideal readiness state and have a fallback position. it’s the minimally viable state of readiness that assures you can achieve your launch objectives and key results. an acceptable launch readiness state acts like a pressure release valve that reduces the overall complexity of product launch readiness preparation. the ideal launch readiness state is ideal for a reason. you will put the success of your launch at risk.

launch readiness (also called go to market readiness) is often the most challenging part of a successful product launch. in a rush to get a product into the market, it’s easy to assume things like pricing and accepting money are so simple they can be addressed with an email. do you have the ability to track referrals and pay them? the product dimension of launch readiness ensures a product can be delivered to customers, can be onboarded efficiently, and support is available when they need it. it ensures the product is a good fit for those market segments too. packaging is the art and science of presenting a product to closely match buyers’ value drivers.

the goal of positioning is to occupy a space in the minds of buyers that present your product as the best fit for their problems or unmet needs by leveraging the perceptions buyers already have. enough good leads to fill their sales pipeline and achieve a sales quota is a concern in the minds of your sales team. how you deliver that content is up to you and should be framed around the unique value proposition, primary message, and proof points developed in positioning. a common technique is to find the weakness in your competitors’ strengths. the first purpose is to educate and ready the sales team. the topmost is the first place all salespeople go to get information. the final thing to say about the four dimensions of launch readiness is every item is needed for a successful product launch.