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laundry list template is a laundry list sample that gives infomration on laundry list design and format. when designing laundry list example, it is important to consider laundry list template style, design, color and theme. nope, this thing is about the laundry list itself. indeed, ask any bartender about the most memorable first dates they’ve witnessed, and you’ll get a laundry list of cringe-worthy encounters. they’ve watched as men get up to go to the bathroom and never return. 2001 even more disturbing, some broths contain scant vegetable matter in any form, depending heavily on salts and sugars to stimulate the taste buds and a laundry list of enhancers known as “flavor potentiators.” the 19th century saw more than 2,000 u.s. patents for washing machines filed, and with the rise of laundry machines, came also the rise of commercial laundry services, which made it possible for people to benefit from the technology without making the financial investment in the machine itself.

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and that is where the laundry list comes in. these were a hit: mr. w. m. wallace has got up a very neat and convenient card for laundry lists, which on examination will at once strike one as useful as well as novel. 1871 writer ed quillen described the much later use of laundry lists from the other side of the commercial arrangement in the denver post in 2008, describing how as a teenager he worked at his family’s laundry, where his job was to mark and sort the items that had been sent to the laundry for cleaning: the marking was to make sure the laundry got back to the right people, and the sorting was to make sure the right stuff got cleaned together in the big washing machines. also, i had to record them on the “laundry list”—a printed form that you filled out with the laundry mark and the quantity next to the appropriate category on the laundry list. the laundry industry has never been noted as a bastion of progress, and the crystal white laundry list had archaic terms that mystified me. laundry lists were for many a common feature of everyday life, which made them ripe for metaphorical extension.

stack exchange network consists of 183 q&a communities including stack overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. ‘a laundry list of people and organizations that would have to be won over’ i’m confused by this phrase because i have never made a list of any length while doing laundry (my family and i have always done laundry on our own in our houses). the illustration above is of a laundry list filled in by guests of new york’s hotel astor, back in the day when it cost a mere 5 cents to launder a handkerchief. no, it doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to see how our modern proverbial laundry list (ie. the marking was to make sure the laundry got back to the right people, and the sorting was to make sure the right stuff got cleaned together in the big washing machines. such a list plays an important role in jane austen’s northanger abbey (called a “washing-bill”): the manuscript so wonderfully found, so wonderfully accomplishing the morning’s prediction, how was it to be accounted for?

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and how singularly strange that it should fall to her lot to discover it! till she had made herself mistress of its contents, however, she could have neither repose nor comfort; and with the sun’s first rays she was determined to peruse it. an inventory of linen, in coarse and modern characters, seemed all that was before her! if the evidence of sight might be trusted, she held a washing-bill in her hand. the first step is to make a laundry list of symptoms in bill’s case. it is an extension of the original meaning (a list of items that were sent to the laundry to be cleaned) which appears to have developed from the ‘50s: in the 19th century, blank books of laundry lists were available for purchase at finer stationers, amongst the diaries and expense books. for sale by e. b. clayton’s sons.