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the goal is to make life easier by reducing waste and/or add value; finding ways to simplify the process by speeding up or eliminating steps and handoffs wherever possible. meeting notes and action items are blurred, don’t get sent out to attendees in a timely fashion, and no one looks at them until 10 minutes before the next meeting (which probably means they weren’t completed). the following points offers some practical and easy to implement suggestions to improve your meetings:. the meeting is unlikely to over-run because it has been outlined for efficiency, and everyone is clear how long they have for each item. the note-taker is responsible for capturing action items and meeting notes and the facilitator is in charge of managing the entire process. 5. differentiate meeting notes -vs- action items “who said what” is different from “who needs to do what by when” – you’ll want your note-taker to separately track both so the difference is clear and action items aren’t lost.

6. assign responsibilities and a due date for action items things that need to be taken care of, answered, learned, or followed up on should be assigned to specific people. 8. establish the time, date, facilitator, note-taker, and time-keeper for the next meeting the more work you do here to set things in stone for your next meeting, the easier it will be for everyone. 9. perform a quick plus/delta evaluation on the meeting take a minute or less at the end to perform a plus/delta. did we clarify next steps? what can we do to improve this process for the next meeting? everyone is aware of the next meeting date and objective and who needs to accomplish what in advance of said meeting. his speaking experience includes presenting at both the 15th and 18th lci congresses, and he will be presenting on the topic of “utilizing lean tools and methodologies on small projects” at the agc 98th annual convention in las vegas in march 2017.

“death by meeting” is a common complaint, the lament usually being one of frequency, length, or lack of productivity. one of the most interesting things i observed over the eight years i spent as a creative advisor to toyota was how a team of designers or engineers working on the same project might hold several short meetings over the course of the day—sometimes as many as five different times. the interesting aspects were three-fold: the meetings were not necessarily scheduled. in other words, they weren’t slave to some multiple of 15 minutes. the meetings were in essence a formality. the ultimate goal of becoming lean is to add value by eliminating everything that doesn’t. the critical starting point is to think of meetings as you would any other process: to be considered lean, a meeting must be characterized by minimal, and preferably absent, non value-adding work.

although most meetings are fraught with all three, muda is the easiest of the three to target because it is generally more visible. part of what constitutes any lean operation is the absence of “batch and queue,” meaning piling and lining up. a toyota process is characterized by small lots, often a single piece, and high frequency…conducted in a just-in-time fashion. that forces you to simplify the purpose of the meeting. commit to using meetings for the singular purpose of making a decision. gain input and consensus outside the meeting context, so that the whole notion of “next steps” is limited to being decisive in meetings. he is also a strategy and innovation advisor and author of five five critically acclaimed business books, including the elegant solution and winning the brain game.

to provide and new perspective on project-related meetings lean meetings – understand critical importance of meetings meeting agenda template. 1. state the meeting’s objective 2. allocate time for each agenda topic 3. assign a time-keeper, note-taker, facilitator 4. start on time, lean meeting agenda template – amazing certificate template ideas. the lean meeting agenda template is normally despatched at the least two days prior to the, lean meeting meaning, lean meeting meaning, lean meat, lean meaning, lean coffee.

– banking relationship meeting minutes template with lean meeting agenda template updated by dani. the lean meeting agenda template is normally shorter meetings are the tools and templates of overall effectiveness. how toyota skyrocketed to success with the “lean” meeting. meetings are often the bane of agenda and minutes template for lean kaizen process improvement. of your agenda & minutes template to use for different teams and/or meeting types., .

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