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leavers checklist template is a leavers checklist sample that gives infomration on leavers checklist design and format. when designing leavers checklist example, it is important to consider leavers checklist template style, design, color and theme. when an employee resigns from your team, you should enter the resignation details into people and money and you will be assigned a leavers checklist to complete. if an employee is not leaving the university, but is transferring to another school/department you should alert hr operations of the transfer by submitting a service request through people and money. if the employee who is leaving or transferring does not have access to people and money you should provide them with a copy of the leavers checklist –employee or transfer checklist – employee below. if you are approached to give a reference on behalf of an ex-employee you should include the following wording within your reference: “this reference is provided in a personal capacity and does not represent the views of the university of edinburgh”.

leavers checklist overview

if you resign from the university or are transferring to another school or department you will be allocated a leavers or transfer checklist via people and money, you should complete all tasks included in the checklist within the system. if you do not have access to people and money, your manager will provide you with a copy of the appropriate checklist. hr can provide a standard factual reference to confirm your employment at the university of edinburgh. you can request this by raising a service request via people and money ‘service request>forms>reference request’. otherwise, you can email the hr helpline to submit your request.

review contracts to see the official notice time that is required and calculation of employee’s outstanding holiday / leave holiday owing to work out official leaving date. many members of staff have access to buildings, equipment, computer systems and many more to its is important to make sure nothing is missed. hr has a key role in supporting employees in their work life cycle and enabling them to thrive, which greatly benefits the business. hr compliance is a company’s commitment to ensuring these standards are followed.

leavers checklist format

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