lifting equipment checklist template

lifting equipment checklist template is a lifting equipment checklist sample that gives infomration on lifting equipment checklist design and format. when designing lifting equipment checklist example, it is important to consider lifting equipment checklist template style, design, color and theme. no action should be taken solely on the information outlined in this content. the inspection of lifting equipment and subsequent repair and maintenance can be undertaken in different ways and is entirely dependent on the policies, operational conditions and working practices of different companies and organisations. other factors like the type of lifting equipment in their equipment register and the relative availability of experienced, fully trained and “competent” maintenance operatives using a pre-approved lifting bear inspection checklist. in doing so, an inspector should be fully conversant with the operability of a particular piece of lifting equipment by referring to manufacturers’ technical manuals.

lifting equipment checklist format

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when it comes to chain blocks and hoists, the following guidelines provide a sensible lifting gear inspection checklist approach to their inspection. if there is a load on the hoist, it should be removed. this could be movement to another part of the factory floor if in a trolley or dismantled and taken to a workshop. it is vital that there is safe personnel access to the chain block, crane or hoist if inspection work is to be done insitu in the working environment. in addition, barriers and warning signage should be deployed underneath the work area where inspection, maintenance or repair work presents a hazard to other employees working beneath the hoist or crane.