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if you’re running a redundant raid, you may want to check if any drives have failed once in a while. if you add to a pool that already contains data, your pool will initially be “unbalanced” and remain unbalanced until more data is written to the pool. if you keep adding data to the pool, it will eventually become balanced in terms of space utilized across the disks, but your existing data will still only be written on the initial disks unless you have it rewritten to the pool.

as you can see, my array is heavily unbalanced and i will need to re-balance the array if i want to get much better performance. beware of just using the mv command, because it will initially just copy the data until all of it has been written before deleting the original. it would be better to use something like rsync as shown here to move the files one at a time. the file system that you want to roll back is unmounted and remounted, if it is currently mounted.

solaris zfs command line reference (cheat sheet). by admin. pool related commands. # zpool create datapool below is my cheatsheet for using zfs. ubuntu 16.04 – using files to test zfs – learn zfs by creating local files. below is some example output of that command with my raid10 pool that i recently zfs cheat sheet. zfs quick command reference with examples. zfs-zetta byte filesystem is introduced on solaris 10 , zfs on linux, zfs on linux, zfs list, man zfs, zfs create.

been working on porting thenative solaris zfs source to the linux kernel as a kernel module. fol-. zpool destroy fplpool, destroys pool. add/remove/attach/detach disks. zpool add opmpool log mirror c2t12d0 c2t13d0 cache, linux caching mechanism use what is known as least recently used (lru ) algorithms, basically , zfs on linux cheat sheet, zfs tutorial, zfs tutorial, zfs clone, zfs create dataset

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