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listing checklist template is a listing checklist sample that gives infomration on listing checklist design and format. when designing listing checklist example, it is important to consider listing checklist template style, design, color and theme. with the dozens of tasks to be completed between meeting your prospective sellers to closing escrow, you can easily miss a detail or two. by the way, if you’d like a one-page version of this listing agent checklist that you can use for your transactions, simply enter your contact info in the box below, and we’ll email you a link to our handy one-pager. your listing presentation is the key to earning the listing. make sure your listing presentation is polished and professional. if you work in a lower-value market where professional listing photos aren’t the norm, consider investing in them anyway. make sure you have the property details right before entering the listing on the mls. to help you communicate consistently with the sellers, set a recurring reminder to check in with a status report for them on a weekly basis. or you can take a video of yourself walking through the home.

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if you’re sharing to nationwide real estate groups on facebook, make sure you include the city and state early in the description. or you can print and distribute to the neighboring homes for low-cost marketing. if you’re taking advantage of the benefits of blogging for leads, dedicate a blog post to your new listing. open houses may not result in the sale of this listing, but they provide an exceptional opportunity to market yourself as a listing agent. of course your work as a listing agent isn’t done just because the deal is closed. here are four final tasks on your listing agent checklist to make sure your clients are well cared for after the sale. ask your clients to take a few minutes to leave a review on google, zillow®, facebook, or wherever your prospects are most likely to find you online. this will allow you to publish the testimonials on your website, social media accounts, and brochures. they might just refer a local buyer or seller to you in the future!

by being organized and prepared during the pre-listing stage, you will secure the listing and instill confidence in your abilities to provide a seamless transaction for your clients. the final stage of the pre-listing process on our listing checklist is for all parties to sign the listing agreement, solidifying the relationship between you and your client. marketing the property is a quintessential piece of the sales process because it maximizes the potential for your listing to reach your intended target audience and generate potential buyers. one of the most basic first steps is to install a lawn sign and a flyer box on the property, but that’s not all.

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as the liaison between the buyer, buyer’s agent, and your seller, it’s essential to strike a balance between being professional, assertive, and sensitive with all sides of the transaction. now that you’ve executed a sales contract between the buyers and sellers, you’re in the home stretch of the transaction, but there’s still a lot for you to check off on our listing checklist. while you will not be signing documents as the seller’s agent, it is vital to attend when your client signs closing documents for moral support and ensure the transaction is completed correctly. a checklist in real estate is a tool used by agents and brokers to keep track of all the tasks involved in a real estate transaction. sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you.

you’ve already conquered the hardest part of the process, landing yourself a listing. if you are interested in additional guidance on how to prepare for a listing appointment, refresh your memory by reading that article here. look up the property in the mls and start digging through previous listings of the home. next, begin to look at recently sold houses within a ¼ radius of the subject property. you should be focusing on comps that are sold/and or pending within the last 6 months of the current date but if there are few houses that are meeting your subject property’s criteria, feel free to push this back to a year. when you are comparing two houses, pay attention to the overall curb appeal, the design of the interior and compare the quality of updates as well as the current age of appliances and basic systems. for example, you can’t compare a house built in the 1970s to a new construction build. set a time with your clients to perform a pre-listing walk through. once you know all the information listed above, you’ll need to input the information on the required listing documents.

you can either do this electronically or in person at the end of your preliminary walk-through. if you are doing a standard listing, then the property must go active within 3 days of your clients signing the listing contract. once the listing is active you can post about your new listing on social media, post the date of your open house, and send out any emails to people who might be interested. you did it, your listing is now on the market. be sure to pick up your phone whenever it rings, it could be a full-price offer on the other line. thanks for reading our article and be sure to check in with the career corner for our next article about how to manage your current listings. gabbi knew that real estate was the right career from the start. she will have her real estate license for the rest of her life. call her anytime if you have questions about becoming a real estate agent.